Monday, February 20, 2012

Awesome, awkward, awful

* I got my first pay check this week!
* Some of my clothes came in that I ordered!
* I got to go clubbing and shopping in Spokane with my best friend Jade :)
* I bought my shoes for Canada! and they are adorable!

* When a car runs over your foot VERY slowly and you can't do anything about it until it's over.
* Valentines Day. I think that says enough. I tried not to act like a 13 year old without a boyfriend but it was hard watching everyone else be all lovey dovey.
* Earlier this week I was creeping on someones facebook pictures and accidentally liked one of his pictures from a long time ago. Talk about awkward. I'm almost positive he knows I was creeping now. haha
* One of my biceps is noticeably larger than the other one. Apparently when I dry cars at work I use my right arm way more than my left. :(

* Old lady drivers that are extremely rude. I tried to tell this lady to roll her window up as I was guiding her into the car wash and she stuck her head out her window to tell me "I will when I'm inside!" I was just trying to save her from getting sprayed in the face with soap..
* Coworkers who are slackers and don't really want to work. I can't stand when people think they can take off every weekend in one month. That is NOT ok.
* I also learned this week that there are some scary drivers out there! I mean, if you can't even get through a car wash how did you get your license?? All you have to do is put it in neutral.. This statement is aimed towards the chinese lady that had the hardest time getting through the car wash... It was absolutely dreadful. lol

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