Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do you believe in Magic?

DAY FIFTY-SIX: Something you did as a child that other people remember you for.

Well when I was like 3, my mom would tell me to come inside to go to the bathroom but I would be too busy playing in the dirt so I would wet my pants and continue playing and ever since then my whole family has always referred to me as "making mud". Not the prettiest story ever but its definitely stuck through the years. haha thanks family!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I don't mind, havin that someone around.

This morning I woke up to a hurricane outside, a headache, and a cough. lol not a good way to start the day.
All day this weather has been pretty crappy and I'm not liking it at all. I can't wait for school to be over!!
That means only 5 more weekends in pullman, 13 more English, Pysch and History of Rock and roll classes, 9 UColl and gen ed classes. how awesome does that sound!?

ALSO! BIG NEWS! I decided to take the Disney College Program next Spring so I don't have to pay and decide right now! I found out that there is a way to stay in the system and take the offer at a different time. :)
Awesome. I know! haha

Well Im off to go get a coffee and do some study tables! yay. NOT.

DAY FIFTY-FIVE: A passage from a book that has touched you.

Well this is a hard one because I don't have any books with me here at college.. haha

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Its been rainging all day today! I just want SUNSHINE! O well cause there is only 39 days left until school is out so im pretty pumped! Im also pretty excited because I have been getting up at 10 to go to the rec and I like starting my day off like this. It keeps me energized through the day.
Also! Last night we preffed for moms! Im extremely nervous because Kelsey told me when I was taking her home that she knew who my mom was already and she was smiling and excited so i hope that means i got my number one! Im super scared. lol i dont know when I will find out either because its a surprise so it will be anytime between now and towards the end of the month. AHH! scary. haha

DAY FIFTY-FOUR: Your definition of love.

My definition of love is finding that one person that you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with. Love is when you can be completely silly and comfortable with each other and it only makes you love them more. Love is when you can do absolutely nothing together and still be having the most amazing time. Love is when you trust someone with everything you have and they support you in everything you do. Love is when you have been through the highest highs and the lowest lows and it only makes you stronger together. Love can't really be explained.. its more of thing that has to be felt to understand exactly what it is. My definition of love has the name of Tanner. :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Disneyland Dilemma

Dilemma: (n.) State of uncertainty or perplexity especially as requiring a choice between equally unfavorable options.

This is exactly my problem. I want to go on this paid internship to Disneyland but there are so many reason why I shouldn't. The program would start in August so instead of taking fall quarter I would be working in Disneyland but one issue is that I only have until MARCH 31 to decide if I want to accept the program or not! thats only 3 days away!! and I owe about 800 for first time fees and all that when i accept. but also, I owe about 800 on APRIL 1 if I want to live in the GPhi house next year! so either way I will be paying 800 dollars in the next 3-4 days.
Im going to make a Pros and Cons list for disneyland. maybe it will help.

- This is would be the perfect job for me and I don't want to pass up the opportunity.
- I can decilne the offer but i would still be in the system so I could take the job at a later date. I think. lol they said something about it at the recruitment meeting thing. I would just need to make a call to check on that.
- I can get 3 people into the parks at one time for free so tanner, friends and family could come visit.
- I would be in California!
-This is one of the top things I can add to my resume and the whole internship is about networking with huge companies.
- I get paid about 10 dollars an hour.
- I get to meet new people from all over the world.
- I wouldnt be paying a ton of money to live in the Gphi house, or to go to the fall semseter of WSU.
- I can ride rides before i start working every day if i wanted..
- They said that the time spent in california will go by faster than anything you have experienced. which i think is true.

- I would be away from Tanner, friends and family for about 6 months. which i don't think I'm ready to do even though they can come visit.
- Friends can come visit, but they have to pay for a flight there and back, and a hotel cause they aren't allowed to stay with me.  
- I should be living in the GPhi house next year cause not many juniors live in so I would only get to live in for like a semester.
- Im already behind in credits so I would be in college for 5 years most likely unless i spent all my summers in summer sessions.
- I'm already behind in Gamma Phi Beta stuff because I'm a new member and I haven't even made close friends yet and this is just going to set me back.
- money is due in three days and its a lot of money. lol
- Even though time goes by fast with me working there, i would not only be in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, (which is already a nightmare.) I would be in a long distance relationship with my friends and family. I am with tanner every day. I cant even begin to imagine being without him for 6 months. Im not as strong as jade and all the others that have had to go through this. I just don't think i could handle it. I mean I'm sure ill get over it once im there but its going to make my time there harder when all i want to do is go back home. Tanner wants me to go, but he feels the same way I do because he doesn't want me to leave..

So should i risk missing out on a huge opportunity and stay in school and the GPhi house with family and friends, or put all that aside for a few months and take a great offer?


Amazing weekend!

I think I'm just going to make one giant blog for the last 4 days. ya. sounds good to me. lol I didn't have service all weekend or Internet connection so it was a little hard to blog. haha

Friday: we left at 3:30 to go to CANADA. which sucked to ride a bus for 7 hours but it was ok. so we ended up getting into town at like 10:30 so we wanted to go eat. this is the reason why i didn't like Canada..
we went to the pub to eat dinner and the waitress asked for IDs. so i told her i forgot mine and she asked if i could go get it and i said well am i not allowed to be in here if I'm 18 and she said no, sorry. so i got extremely mad because i just wanted to eat dinner with no intention of drinking. so i went back to the hotel and tanner followed shortly after cause he wanted to talk to the waitress. she said the only reason i couldn't be in there was because a cop could come in and shut them down for 5 days. whatever. anyways tanner and i walked to Denny's and ordered french toast slams and holy cow it was like a 30 dollar meal all together. Canada is so expensive! lol then we went back to Cody's room and hung out there.
 Tanner and I on the bus ride to Canada!
 Me at the border! haha definitely checking that off the bucketlist!

Saturday: set an alarm for like 9 to go to breakfast, got too tired and fell back asleep till like 11, got ready then realized the hot tub was open! so we put our swim suits on and told everyone to go in the hot tub. so everyone was in the hot tub drinking their drinks and hangin out. it was pretty fun! then tanner and i walked to get some food at a gas station and i ordered a bacon cheeseburger and they put a pickle slice on TOP of the bun. Canadians do things weird. haha so then we went back and hung out in the hot tub some more and met some old guys that were a little too creepy for me. haha then we got ready and went to our formal dinner! which was so much fun and tanner got some awards from his house. he got 'Guido Status' which is no surprise but he also got the 'Marshall Award' which basically means hes the most promising candidate. Good job babe! anyways, after dinner we were supposed to go clubbing but of course nobody actually made it to the club but instead tanner and i spent our night chasing Holly around the courtyard because she wanted to go hot tubing but we tried telling her it was closed. that was fun. haha
Me pretending to steal a drink. haha
            Tannner and I at dinner!                         
Sunday: we set an alarm for 8:30 to pack and get ready to leave cause the buses were leaving at 10. so i wake up to pounding on our door from Cody and Levi and that's when i realized it was 10! so we scrambled to pack everything up and rushed out the door to get checked out and ran to the bus. we almost had to pay for a really expensive taxi ride. haha so we drove another 7 hours back home.
 Tanner and I on the way back home.
Monday: Today, Tanner and I went to breakfast at 10 and headed to the gym to get some conditioning in. apparently the month of April is our month to become beautiful for summer haha everyday from now on tanner and i are going to get up early and eat breakfast and run. I'm not excited at all but i know its for the best to get me in shape. haha tonight we have our new member meeting to learn more Gamma Phi history and then after we are preffing for moms! I'm scared.. :/ after that we have informal chapter and then pledge pinning where we have to wear informal whites? also makes me very nervous. lol then after that i have to do some study table hours and then go to tanners to do our gen ed quiz. i don't like being so busy all the time!

DAY FIFTY-ONE: Describe your future wedding.
My wedding is going to be perfect. I don't want to settle for anything less then what I want. I know that sounds a little stuck up but I only get this day once and its always going to be a day that i remember for the rest of my life. I don't know any of the details of what I want my wedding to look like because I want to be able to choose these things with my husband. :)

DAY FIFTY-TWO: What is the most inspirational thing you have ever heard?
Ive heard a lot of inspirational stuff but I the words Believe and Dream mean the most to me. Everyone should have a goal in life and believe in themselves to make their dreams come true. I think anything can be made possible with the help of some goals and dreams. :)

DAY FIFTY-THREE: Your day in great detail.
Fortunately I just described four days in detail.

40 more days till school is over!

Friday, March 25, 2011

If your one of us, then roll with us.

DAY FIFTY: Your plans for the weekend.

Im not sure what our exact plans are but at 3 i will be on my way to Canada!! woo! haha Im super duper excited! except i realized this morning that my phone wont work in Canada. great. and hopefully there is free wifi in my hotel or i will be totally disconnected to the world. haha anyways, we have a 7 hour bus ride to Canada on charter busses and i think im going to die. lol i hate bus rides so im not quite sure how this is going to work for me. haha
tomorrow night we have our formal dinner! and night clubs! and the bars for everyone else! haha :( i hope i can get in or else i will be super bored.. lol sometimes i dont like being young!
Im glad that Aimee is going tho! it will be nice to have another girl i know there!

last night we got our sweatshirts! they are so awesome! i will post pictures when i get back or later today if i get time!

how cute is this thing? i want one!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's beginning to feel a lot like SPRING!

It is a beautiful day in Pullman today! It's a whopping 52 degrees right now! :) I think I'm going to wear a t-shirt to class today. without a coat. :O

So I've been extremely busy this whole week and I know I've been behind on blogging.. so I'm making up for it right now.

DAY FORTY-EIGHT: Your life story in three words.

I asked Tanner what three words he would pick for me and he said: I'm With Tanner.
haha but I think I would pick: Happy Exciting Eventful. ha

DAY FORTY-NINE: Are you a lover or a fighter?

I think I'm both. Mostly a lover but when I need to stand up for something or someone, I will. I try to avoid drama and situations that make me a fighter because I would rather be lover. :) i like to love. haha

TOMARROW I LEAVE FOR CANADA! Im excited for this because I will be checking off something on my bucketlist. I've never been to Canada before and it's one of the places I want to visit. So I get to visit a new country, and have a wonderful time with my boyfriend and some pretty cool people. :)

Also, only 43 days till school is out! I can't wait for Summer! I can't wait for camping, tanning, swim suits 24/7, blonde hair, sunglasses, swimming, boating, relaxing, be with friends, traveling, and everything else that has to do with SUMMER!
I hope everyone is as excited about this wonderful weather. :) Have a GREAT day!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Never had a doubt, now I'm goin crazy

Yesterday, I was also pretty busy and got 3 study table hours done. :)
ballin! except I lost my cougar card yesterday so that sucked. lol

DAY FORTY-SEVEN: Is the truth always good to hear, why or why not?

For the most part I think so. People need to hear the truth even if its bad. I mean I would want to hear the truth all the time. I think little white lies are ok every once in a while to prevent hurting someones feelings but for the most part I think the truth is best. :)

Hold my hand, I'll take you everywhere

Monday, I had a busy day. I went to class and had my new member meeting, formal chapter, and a freshman meeting, then study tables for 3 hours..
i like being busy but dang. not one thing right after the other! lol

DAY FORTY-SIX: What makes you smile?

I think we have had this question before but I will definitely answer this question again. :)
Things that make me smile: My Boyfriend, My Best Friends, My Family, food, music, traveling, photography, fashion, coffee, Disneyland! haha :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

You belong with me

Sunday we got up and left for home but on the way back we stopped in Des Moines to visit Taylor. He gave us a house tour and then we had to leave. I miss Taylor! but he has a pretty nice house haha
then i went to see Tanner once we got into town because i missed him sooooooo much! so we hung out at his moms, then his dads, then mine then we left for Pullman! that was basically my whole Sunday. haha

DAY FORTY-FIVE: When was the last time you tried something new?

This whole weekend I tried lots of new things. i went to a spa and a club that i had never been to. i ate at a bunch of different places that i haven't even heard of. i tired homemade avocado masks and hair conditioners. haha my whole weekend was full of trying new things!

ONLY 5 days till CANADA!

Don't be a drag, just be a queen

So Friday night we visited Ian and went to some super lame party. haha then Saturday morning we drove back to Seattle and Jade and I went to eat and shop a little downtown. Ashley met up with us and we took a bus to South Center Mall and we shopped for a while. when we got back home we decided to make homemade face masks and a conditioner for our hair.
yummy i know. haha
so after that we went to NEIGHBORS. which is a gay club hahaha we took our friend Victor and danced a little then went back home. it was definitely a new experience..

DAY FORTY-FOUR: When is it time to stop calculating risk and rewards, and just do what you know is right?

this is a tough question. I think you should always do what you know is right but i know that doesn't always happen. I'm going to be honest, i don't know how to answer this question. haha

Friday, March 18, 2011

There's always something in your way, what can you say? You're gunna have a good day

Today has been so fun! jade and i went and got breakfast/lunch and then bussed it down to the Seattle Aquarium! we saw some really gross and cool looking fish.

then we went to pikes place and saw a store that had a bunch of life-size cutouts of celebrities and this is the result.
:) sorry tay for stealin your man.
Outside of that shop there was a guy drawing pictures of people in cartoon form and it was super cute and we thought it was cheap so we let him draw us. haha he asked us what we wanted to be so we said supermodels but somehow jade ended up a mermaid... haha
cute huh! haha i look like i have a lazy eye and he told me my eyes are different then most peoples and im still trying to figure out what that means.. lol

also we went to Z pizza which is an all organic pizza place and it was BOMB.
anyways we are going to Ian and Ericks in Auburn tonight so i need to get ready to go! :)

DAY FORTY-THREE: Is it possible to lie without saying a word?

I feel like this should be a yes but i think its not possible. If you use facial expressions or body language then they are assuming whatever the lie is just by looking at you. You dont technically say anything to them so its kind of their fault if they guess or assume something.

i hope everyone is having an amazing spring break like i am! or will have an amazing spring break soon. :)

Thats when you're the prettiest

So yesterday I took Tay to lunch! i love her. we met tanner too so that was fun. haha then i picked up jade and we came to SEATTLE! we hung out at ashleys and then went to the spa. ashleys friend let us in foir free. it was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. lol in the spa there was a Parilka, which is a big concrete and brick room that is basically a 250 degree oven. its dry heat so it just makes you sweat. then you jump into a 40 degree cold bath and youre instantly numb. but i loved it haha then you get in the salt water bath and it tingles and takes the toxins out of your body. then you go into the 113 degree steam room and sweat some more then go back into the cold bath, then the salt water then the hot tub. after all that you go to the tea room and relax and sip hot tea and lemon water. then you repeat everything all over and over again. we spent 3 and a half hours there. i could do that every day.

thank you ashley for taking us to the spa! :)

ALSO! something amazing that happened to me yesterday! I GOT ACCEPTED FOR THE DISNEYLAND COLLEGE PROGRAM IN AUGUST! :)

DAY FORTY-TWO: Your best friend just died, what is your reaction.

is this really a question? lol i would be completely devastated. This is an awful question! i dont think anyone would be able to answer this positively.

Cause the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly

Ive been super busy these last few days! kinda forgot to blog. haha
So wednesday i didnt do much but i got ready for seattle :)

DAY FORTY-ONE: Write a letter to yourself stating all the things you love about yourself.

Dear Erin,
I love you. haha but it would be nice if you went to the gym every once in a while to stay in shape. haha but i do love how real you are. :)


i dont like complimenting myself so i didnt really like this question lol

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not so easy to forgive, harder to forget

Today I just want to blog about how much I love my life. I have never been happier than I am at this moment. I have the most amazing friends, boyfriend, family, school, EVERYTHING. :) I find myself smiling every day and I dont even know why but I love it! I am so thankful for my life and the people that have made me who i am today.
I have big plans for the future and I have goals that I can guarentee I will complete and succeed at.
I just wanted to say that my life couldnt be any better than it is right now so thank you to the people that have made it that way. :)

anyways. Im so glad that Brad picked Emily! they are perfect together. :)
rachel and i are discussing ways to become rich. we chose to invent things. my ideas are a sucker that whitens your teeth, but tastes good. and a pad type thing that will pull your car to the curb so you dont have to parallel park. :) nobody steal my ideas cause i know they are awesome. haha
i really want to paint something but i dont have a clue what to paint.

DAY FORTY: What are features you get complimented on a lot?
Pretty much just my eyes and smile. even though its cheesy. :)

I am amazed that I have been blogging for a little over 40 days already. It seems like just yesterday when I asked Jade to do this 365 day challenge thing with me. crazy!

2 days till SEATTLE! :)
10 days till CANADA!

Monday, March 14, 2011

When you tell me I'm a wreck, Say that I'm a mess, How could you expect anything less?

spring break is amazing. today i had my massage and basically she told me that i have a bunch of stuff messed up in my back, BUT i loved my massage. i almost fell asleep. haha
tonight im going to michaels with tanner for dinner :) and tonight is Pretty Little Liars and the FINALE of The Bachelor! Im super excited to watch them with my mom and I hope Brad picks Emily. :)

3 Days till i get to be with my best friends in Seattle enjoying life!
11 Days till I get to go to Canada for white rose formal! 

DAY THIRTY-NINE: Why you think you've learned more from the good or the bad.

I think ive learned from both but i think everyone learns more from the bad. Making mistakes teaches me to fix them the next time around. Nobody wants to make the same mistake twice. I also think i've learned from the good too because it helps me learn what I want out of life. :)

It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep

DAY THIRTY-EIGHT: Thoughts on your generation.

I have multiple thoughts on my generation. both good and bad. bad because we dont have as much respect for people and we spend all day on our computers and phones. but also good because of the advances we have made in technology and we are definitely smarter :) haha i think we get away with too much but i wouldnt want to live in any other time period. i especially love our graduating class. we rock! =P

4 days till Seattle!
12 days till Canada!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

She' got dreams too big for this town, and she needs to give them a shot

today i woke up at 9. which really confused me since i went to bed really late. i never wake up before 10 and i couldnt go back to sleep. i was extremely confused.
i just remembered that sunday is daylight savings time. when we lose an hour :( thats awful.
today on one of the episodes of Ellen mike tyson was on and the moral of his speech was that "There's nothing worse than a fat coke-head." good ole Mike Tyson. leave it up to him to be classy.

also i dont know if everyone has been watching the news or knows whats going on in Japan right now but its awful.
Japan experienced some earthquakes and one reached 8.9 on the richter scale. which triggered a tsunami that has distroyed most of the town. new tsunami warnings have been an issue. and on top of it all, the tsunami has affected 5 different nuclear plants causing them to overheat. last night there was an explosion in one of the plants and this could cause the radiation to go into the air. I know they have evacuated people living near the nuclear plants. there is barely any electricity and they are having food, water, and battery shortages. also, they have had about 150 aftershocks reaching about 5.0 on the richter scale. i just wanted to encourage people to watch the news for a little bit and remember how lucky we are to be alive.
my prayers go out to Japan and i hope they get everything cleaned up soon. 

DAY THIRTY-SEVEN: Who are you?

Wow. haha well im Erin. Im 5'8". I live in Pullman but my hometown is Moses Lake. :) aha im not quite sure what i want to do in life yet and i know i should figure it out soon but im working on it. haha i love my family and friends and my boyfriend and i believe they have made me who i am today. and that is a person that i love :) 

o man. i love the invisible rope!

Baby please don't go. If I wake up tomorrow will you still be here?

Yesterday i drove back home to moses after my class. Once i got home i finished an assignment and my dad said he wanted to take tanner and i to a movie at 9:45 so we went to see Red Riding Hood and it was actually a lot better than i thought it was going to be! i liked it and there was a twist to it. not to mention the two main guys were pretty cute! haha but one thing that sucked was that i left to go to the bathroom and on the way back up the stairs to my seat i tripped and almost fell on my face and i dont think there was one person in the theatre that didnt see it and laugh. haha but i dont care cause i was laughing too cause ive learned that im a clumsy person and that is something i would do. hahah geez im awesome. =P

then i came home and my dad told me that if i was staying up to watch ellen he was going to stay up too. hahah so we watched SNL and ellen till like 3 this morning. haha

DAY THIRTY-SIX: What you think of your friends.

My friends are amazing! They are always there for me and I'm always there for them. I love how different all of my friends are. I couldnt ask for better friends! i love you guys!! :)

12,600 calories. O MY GOSH.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

like really?

something i would just like to get off my chest.

i think its great when someone wants to be religious. however, i dont think its ok to jump around from religion to religion throughout your life. if you know what you believe in then it shouldnt be hard to know what religion believes in the same things. im just a little annoyed with some people that dont get it. some religions have it pretty much set in stone the things you have to do. you cant just join in when you are feeling like it and then the next day completely change things around. but like i said, i think its great that this person is trying to find their way and im not trying to put them down for it. i just wish this person would understand how things work.

You said you'd run away, you said you'd run away with me.

Two more classes and i will be home free for spring break! :) i cant wait to go home and relax! and have real meals. haha today is the last day of greek week and i think we are going to win. when i went to check in for greek week apparel today, we were ahead by a lot. which is AWESOME. GO TEAM NINE!
another thing to add is that today its been raining a ton! i like it! except when i have to walk all the way to the other end of campus in just a t shirt so my hair got gross. haha

1 day till spring break!
7 days till seattle!
15 days till Canada!

DAY THIRTY-FIVE: Words you live by, and why you like them.

Live life with no regrets.

I like this quote because you only get one life to live so why spend it regretting anything you do? The point is to enjoy the life youre given and do things that make you happy :)

O MAN. This is the cutest dog i have ever seen. This is Tanners cousins new puppy. its name is bear. :) AW. im so in love with this dog! 

how awesome is this!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

just a little more

just a few things i would like to add.
1. when i use this teeth whitening stuff it foams up. so i just realized that when i walk to the bathroom to wash it off, i smile at people coming down the hall. great. now they think i have rabies.

2. ITS RAINING. im so excited to see something other than snow and i love the rain so i am very happy with this. :)

3. I just read everyones blogs from the last few days and i love reading them! they are so cute and the inspire me to go shopping. :) so thank you to all of you who blog about clothes and stuff. it makes me very happy.

4. my blog needs more spice. i will be working on ways to do that.

By now you shoulda, somehow, realized what you gotta do

Today i woke up to a TON of notifications that Travis, Danny, and Mitch had liked everything of mine on facebook and i didnt know why so i started liking EVERYTHING of theirs. Matt finally told me that it was because i always like everybodys status. um YA. thats what the like button is for! when i like something! lol so thats how my day started. BUT its wednesday! which  means only 2 more days till spring break! woo! tonight at 6:30 is the Greek Week Basketball Tournament so i will be going to that and then right after we have our mom dot social where we are gunna eat pizza and watch movies! then i have two essays to write, and 3 one page papers. :) NOT.

I seriously cant wait for spring break to come! hopefully it will be nice in moses and seattle!

DAY THIRTY-FOUR: Your horoscope for the day and whether you think its accurate.

GEMINI: Your key planet Mercury skips into action-packed Aries today, encouraging you to learn everything you can about something new. You might develop an unexpected interest in heading in a different direction. You are eager to start moving, but you could get sidetracked by a major distraction. Instead of losing sight of your previous goals, demonstrate your genius by turning your brilliant ideas into something real.

i think this is pretty accurate because ive been thinking a lot about my major lately and how i want to find something that i love. and i love traveling. its just been something thats been on my mind and ive really been looking forward to my future i just forget that i have steps to take to get there first. :)
today this makes me happy! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let your waves crash down on me and take me away

i hate blogging about my day when i havent done anything during the day so therefore im not even going to try to blog about my day today. lol but i did find out that i have a deep tissue massage next tuesday at 3:30!! im so excited!! and then next wednesday jade and i are going to seattle to visit ashley and tay! i havent seen either of them in a while so im super excited!! also i talked to taylor and jade and ashley and we have made so many plans! jade has tickets to the aquarium so when ashley is in class i think we will walk ourselves right on down to pike place :) and taylor wants to meet us down town one of the days to hang out and shop and friday we are gunna go clubbin with taylor and one of the days i think we might go to a spa!! im sooooo excited!

ONLY 3 more days till Spring Break starts!
ONLY 8 days till Seattle!
ONLY 17 days till CANADA! WOOOO!

DAY THIRTY-THREE: Someone who really hurt you.

Well there are two people I could write about today who have seriously hurt me. For the most part i think its pretty obvious who these two people are. They were two people that i trusted with everything at once point in my life. O well, nobody wants to talk about people that hurt them. im moving on with my life and ive never been happier! :)

so cute! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Relax, step back and watch it happen

i have soooo much to do tonight.. ugh! so much writing and cleaning! lol but it should be pretty easy cause i made a to-do list. so im going to get started instead of procrastinating like i have been all day. :)

DAY THIRTY-TWO: Whether you'd rather marry someone who's rich but ugly, or poor but attractive.

i would definitely say poor but attractive cause i would feel like i was only using the ugly guy for money and i could be happier with someone i was attracted to. i dont need money to have a happy life. :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

You never thought I'd get this far, would get this far without you

today has been very relaxing but i have so much to do today.. i have to go to the sorority for study tables at 6 with chelsea! then i have a floor meeting at 8:30 that is mandatory.. i have two essays to start, some other homework thats due tuesday and i want to clean a little and get organized. i hate being stressed and today is the beginning of GREEK WEEK. which i currently know nothing about. haha then tomorrow i have english where i will turn in one of my essays, then i have my new member meeting at 4:15, dinner at the house at 5, chapter at 6 then something for greek week im guessing.
DAY THIRTY-ONE: A bit about your social life outside of blogspot.

my whole blogspot is basically shaped around my social life. haha i talk about anything that happens during my day, on a daily basis. so there isnt much to say to answer this question. i have a great family, great friends, and an amazing boyfriend. what more could i ask for? :)

i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! :)

Bye bye beautiful, don’t bother to write

So yesterday was saturday. i didnt do much but we had our recruitment training! we practiced our entry song and worked with the steps on the stairs. i honestly dont think im going to make it all of rush week.. lol i need to be more in shape for that stuff. :) then we worked on conversations and all that and i got to meet some more of my sisters that i havent seen yet. so that was awesome! :)

DAY THIRTY: 5 favorite girls names, 5 favorite boys names

1. Rylie
2. Brooke
3. Kaylee
5. Ryan

1. Nathan
2. Kayden
3. Cameron (this means nothing. i just like the name.)
4. Liam
5. i dont have a fifth one. lol

this was a hard one for me. i really dont have 5 names that i like for boys or girls.. so truthfully these names arent exactly my favorite and i couldnt even find 5 i like especially for boys. boys names are always so plain. lol

adorable! :)

We could leave this town and run forever

i know im behind. lol ive been busy. friday i had my test and went out with miesha and becca :) i had a wonderful friday :)
DAY TWENTY-NINE: A date you'd love for someone to take you on.

truthfully, any date is perfect as long as tanner is the one taking me on it. :) but i do have some dream dates in mind.. most of them have to do with checking something off my bucket list, and traveling somewhere i havent been before. i like adventurous dates like zip lining through the jungle. or going on a safari in south africa seeing lions and giraffes and elephants. haha but i have always wanted a date in paris or rome where we just spend the whole day sightseeing and eating at cute little cafes and stuff. :) or just a day on the beach works for me!

i want one. haha

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baby you aint seen nothin yet

today i dont have much to blog about. i have a TON of studying to do and a lot of things i need to finish! but i can tell you one thing,

 i CANT wait for summer. its going to be amazing! monday at chapter i found out that sometime in july we are going to one of the girls houses in Widby Island to spend some time together with eachother! and we are ordering tank tops and zip-up jackets! :) im just so very excited for summer. i dont think anyone really understands how ready i am. i want to be tan and wear my swim suit everywhere i go!

DAY TWENTY-EIGHT: Something that makes you angry.

at the current moment, snow makes me very angry. lol im so ready for summer and it just wont go away! but today is a very wonderful day and the sun is shining so im pretty happy with that. :)

how cute is this? :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Put your troubles aside, start livin

Today, i got up at 6:20, went to mcdonalds, picked up tanner, drove to spokane, got our extended licences, (kind of) went to subway, then starbucks, ahha then drove home, went to english, went to the house to have dinner with betas, then rushed to chapter development programming cause everyone said it was at 6 but it ended up being at 7. so thats pretty much my day. this is about the only time ive sat down for real today. lol

so when we went and got our extended licences, we had to sign lots of papers and all that and then they punched my licence so i cant use it anymore which i didnt realize thats what was going to happen and then they gave me a temporary paper licence and said it SHOULD take about 3 weeks to have my licence shipped to moses lake. as of right now i need my licence to be in my hands in 23 days. which is 3 weeks and 2 days. so im really stressed that it wont come in time.. and to add on to the stress, apparently tanner forgot to sign the last paper so we have to go back to spokane on saturday.. but that does mean that we might be able to go to dinner! :)

one other thing i wanted to talk about today was the chapter development programming i went to. the speaker was a comedian, who was deaf. she was so awesome. she was hilarious and still gave us a really good message. she has been through so much throughout her life. it really made me think and it put some things into perspective for me. so thank you KATHY BUCKLEY.
this is her facebook page.!/OfficialKathyBuckley she truley is amazing!

DAY TWENTY-SEVEN: A person you wish lived closer and why.

I wish my family and friends lived closer because i miss them. i know i cant have it all my way though and im ok with that because i get to see them often and still start my life living on my own. :)

Im not sure what it is about the animal pictures but i have been finding super cute animals. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don't look back, and have no regrets

I have never had to write so many notecards in my life. lol i will post a picture later of all my cards. its insane. Good news is that it stopped snowing early this morning and didnt snow today!! even though none of the snow is melting, im still excited. haha only 10ish days till spring break!! :) tomorrow tanner and i are getting up early to leave to spokane so we can finally get our extended licenses for CANADA! woo! then i have a super busy day! we have to make it back by 1 cause tanner has class then, then i have class at 3 to 4, dinner with betas at 5, chapter development programming at 6, extra credit movie for history of rock and roll at 7 to 8:30, and starting at 8:00, we are having a small sisterhood so we can hangout with all our pledge buddies at once cause we havent had much time and we are getting our moms soon! what a hectic day i have ahead of me!

DAY TWENTY-SIX: 5 things you are looking forward to.

There are way more than five things im looking forward to so im just going to list a few.
- Spring Break!
- Canada for Sigma Nu White Rose Formal
- the weekends haha
- getting a mom!
- i know this one is weird but im excited for study tables to start!
- summer! and the next summer if i can make enough money to go to africa!!
- moms weekend
- spring fest
and many many more!! i love that im blogging now because i will have all these memories in words so i can remember all the amazing things that happen in my life! :)

This has to be the cutest picture i have ever seen.