Monday, February 28, 2011

You hear the door slam, and realize there's nowhere left to run

All last night i was up studying for my test today. I am exhausted and i dont even know how i did on the test. i felt like i knew most of it but at the same time i feel like i did a lot of guessing.. ugh. im stressed. i really need to pass this test.
but on a positive note, ONLY 12 DAYS TI:LL IM OFFICAILLY ON SPRING BREAK. :) technically i will be done with classes on friday so its like 11 and 1/2. :)
also another positive note, i had a wonderful breakfast. i had the most delishious blueberry muffin, a banana, chocolate milk, and some strawberry yogurt with raspberries in it. o man. that made my day. haha

anyways... the rest of my night is going to be super busy.. i have class at 3 to 4, then i have to go home and change into my formal clothes and be at the Gamma Phi house by 4:15 for my new member meeting, dinner at 5, chapter at 6, gym at like 7:30 for an hour or two. at least being busy makes time go by a little faster. :) plus im excited to eat at the house tonight for dinner because they always have good food and its an actual meal. haha

DAY TWENTY-FIVE: A friend you have lost that you are better off without/one you wish you had back.

Well this question is oddly specific.. and i dont really plan on answering it. i feel like its a negative question and anyone who knows my situation, they know who the person is who i wish i still had as a friend but also know im better off without. I will say one thing about this though.. i wish it didnt have to end the way it did because i liked having this person as a friend, and im sorry that they chose to end our friendship the way they did.

Today, this made me happy. :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

If you're listen right, then the lesson in life's not playin the role of the let down

I have done absolutely nothing today. i got up and went to breakfast with tanner and cody at like 1. haha and literally all day tanner and i watched tv. so not much to blog about today but im really starting to hate this snow. its snowing. again. my mom texted me and said pullman is supposed to get another 3-5 inches just tonight. i really hate scraping snow and ice off my car every hour just to drive it down the road. not to mention it really sucks walking in all the snow and ice everywhere i go. im ready for winter to be over already.

DAY TWENTY-FOUR: Your favorite 10 people right now and why

These people are in no significant order.

Mom - My mom is one of my favorite people because she does everything for me and is always there for me. she always knows how to make me feel better when im down and she always makes sure im safe. i also love how goofy my mom is. shes awesome. :)

Dad - Even though we dont always see eye-to-eye, he is always there for me whenever i need him. he makes sure im doing good and fully supplied with contacts. :) i love how easy going my dad can be. he likes to "air drum" and that makes me laugh :)

Danielle - My sister is very important to me because she can relate to me. I love all the laughs we have and all of our iphone game apps we have discovered to play with eachother. I love my big sister and her family. my nieces mean the world to me and i love when i get to see them because they are growing up so fast. :)

Tanner Lowry - Tanner is important to me because he has helped me figure myself out. even if he doesnt know it, i appreciate him loving me for who i am. :) we can be ourselves around each other and i love our inside jokes and stories we share. he means the world to me.

Jade Raymond - Jade is one of my best friends. she is always there to listen to my stories. she has been my best friend since about 6th or 7th grade. we are so much alike and i love her. :) we have so many crazy times together!

Rachel Hofstetter - We are going on 11 years of being best friends. not many people can say that. even though she still thinks my birthday is july 4th, (when really its june 9th) i love this girl and she has been there for me through everything. whenever i need advice or just someone to talk to i turn to rachel. i love how silly we are together and even though we really are nothing alike, we get along so well. :) shes my little travel buddy. we like traveling together or at least imagining it. :)

Taylor Lowry - Taylor is my non-biological sister. :) I love our talks we have and our adventures we have had together. :) i know she is always someone i can call if i want to see a movie or just hang out with. ive never had a little sister but taylor is pretty much my little sister. :)

Tina Holm - Tina is my other mom. I can talk to her about anything. shes so fun and she likes to laugh so if i ever have something funny to say i make sure to tell tina cause i know she will laugh. :) haha she is great!

Ashley Durbin - Ashley has also been my best friend since 2nd grade. through the years though we had lost contact but we have always remained best friends. ashley is so funny and i love when i get to see her! we have always shared our dreams and goals with eachother. when we were younger i told her that i was going to be her manager if she introduced me to the jonas brothers. i still hold her to that even to this day :) i love ashley!

Ellen DeGeneres - Even though i dont know Ellen personally, she inspires me every day. when i need a laugh i know i can rely on ellen to make me smile. just reading her tweets makes my day better. :) i think the only people who understand how much i like ellen are tanner (cause he watches it with me :)) and my mom and sister who i also watch it with.

All of these people already know why they are my favorite people in the world :) obviously ellen doesnt know but the rest do. haha i am so thankful for everyone on that list. my life would not be the same without them. :)

Todays picture caption says, "I think he may have a package."
this cracks me up :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekends, are for the warriors

Well last night completely sucked. lol thats all im gunna say. This morning i woke up feeling super crappy and i thought it would be gone by the middle of the day but its still here. lol so i didnt go out tonight even though i was supposed to meet my pledge buddy of the week. :( so i thought i could stay home and relax and play games on my playstation but i cant get it to work with my tv! so im going over to tanners to play while he gets to go out. lol i know. its lame to play playstation but i dont care. lol so pretty much today sucked also. but rachel found this website!
basically its a volunteer project in south africa to work with people or animals and help. you can pick your own project and most of the trips last anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. and the best part is that they are super cheap for flying and staying in africa. this is one of my top items on my bucket list so i got pretty excited when rachel showed me this. i dont have the money this year but for sure next summer i am making this a priority. :)

DAY TWENTY-THREE: A month/year when you were the happiest and why.
I would have to say senior year was pretty good to me. even though we had a lot to worry about and get done, it was still one of the best years of my life. also, i loved my third grade year. i didnt have to worry about anything at all and i could still enjoy being a kid. but ultimately i think this semester here at wsu has been the time where im the happiest. everything is going good for me and im loving life where im at right now. :)

So most of my happy pictures are going to be from Ellen because she is so funny and i love her show so much. haha the caption for this picture says:
"This store really likes to pamper their criminals."
:) also something i happened to find today,

its a "like" stamp!! if i had this i would stamp EVERYTHING!
probably even people. :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

This is the life, hold on tight. And this is the dream, it's all i need

Last night i looked at my emails and my english teacher emailed us and said that we arent having class again because apparently he hurt his back and is having a hard time moving around.. he said he will be better by monday, but its awesome that we havent had english for a full week. :) i dont mean that its awesome that his back is hurt and i feel really bad cause i know that can be extremely painful but i do like not having class. :) and not having class means we can leave an hour earlier to moscow to find shirts. im stressing a little that we arent going to find something in time for the dance but if worst comes to worst, we will just make our own! :)
so this morning i got up at 9:30 to go to the gym. i was there for about 2 hours running, walking on the track, and doing ab circuts with tanner and matt. ouch. bad idea. lol i feel like my insides are sliding down to my toes.. lol gross i know. now im gunna go get some breakfast and shower and get ready to go to moscow!

DAY TWENTY-TWO: How you judge intellegence.

Basically if you have it you have it, if you dont, then you dont. lol Its not hard to see when someone has intellegence and common sense. I dislike when girls pretend to be dumb cause they think its cute. that is extremely annoying to me. i think i mostly judge intellegence when i have a conversation with someone. usually you can tell if they can hold a conversation. lol this question is kind of weird to me because i believe that its not really very hard to tell when someone has smarts and when someone does. haha

today my happy picture is also from ellen. the caption for this one says,
"Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't watching you."

Thursday, February 24, 2011

And I don't mind, having that someone around

This morning, i woke up and went to breakfast with tanner and we met bob and cody there. then tanner insisted that cody drive me home cause it was snowing which i was secretly very thankful for. haha then i showered and got ready for class then came back home and ate and went to my other class and we got out early in both classes so my day has been pretty easy. :) im glad its going by somewhat quick cause im excited for tomorrow!! english class at 3 which i havent been to in a week cause of presidents day and then my teacher was sick wednesday, and then at 4 cody becca tanner and i are going to moscow to pick out date dash shirts! then we are going to the date dash! im sooooo excited!!
right now im going to go find a healthy snack and then hit the rec! :) o ya.

DAY TWENTY-ONE: Everything you wish for in a significant other.

nobody is perfect but my significant other must be loyal. trustworthy. funny. smart. preferably handsome, and athletic. someone that cares about me. :)

So today I decided that along with my blog challenge im going to try to post something that makes me happy or makes me laugh, as often as i can which should be every day unless im super busy or something haha so todays happy thought is this picture that Ellen tweeted about. It makes me laugh every time i read it.

Ellens caption for it says, "Some offices are so strict."

=] i hope that makes everyone smile!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I can be your super hero baby, one that's gunna save you if your in danger

So far today hasnt really consisted of much. I got up, got breakfast with tanner, then caught up with my shows, walked through the blizzardy snow to my english class to find out that our class was canceled cause my teacher was sick.. so i walked all the way back home and ate and all that.. at about 7ish im gunna go to the gym and run a little, maybe do some abs.. thats about it. lol
BUT! i am very excited for the weeks and weekends to come! this weekend i have another date dash with sigma nu! thankfully becca is going this time with cody! so friday during the day becca cody tanner and i are going to moscow to find shirts for the date dash and do some shopping together! then saturday we have a beauty and the geeks exchange which should be fun and after that.. some bouncin around. :) next week though tanner and i are going to spokane to get our extended liscenses so we can go to canada for sigma nu's white rose formal!! :)

DAY TWENTY: What you think makes someone beautiful.

I think being genuine makes someone beautiful. Someone who doesnt fake being nice and someone who actually cares about other people.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cause maybe, you're gunna be the one that saves me

 Last night i got an email from my teacher saying that we dont have class today so my 12 o'clock class was canceled so i just have class at 3! so i got to sleep in even though my allergies kept me up all night.
tonight we have chapter at 6 and our first new member meeting after that! :) tanner just drove me back to my dorm and it is a blizzard outside. for once i actually miss moses lake weather. lol

DAY NINETEEN: Your thoughts on your family

My family means the world to me. I love them. :) they have helped me through everything. Its hard to live in pullman because i dont get to be around them as much and i dont get to see my nieces grow up as much. but it makes it better when i visit cause i know i will get to see everyone. :)

So come on and fly with me, as we make our great escape

So we made it back to Pullman! I finally got to the rec and ran! i tried racing tanner around the track one time as fast as we could run.. never again will i challenge him. haha he started out just jogging and i said i thought you were gunna sprint! so he did. and i tried to run as fast as my legs would let me but he still beat me pretty bad. haha but we came home to make peanut butter and tanners grandmas homemade jelly sandwhiches. :) she is the best cook/baker in the world. haha i think we girls get old they acquire the skill to make the worlds best cookies. thats just my theory though. :) anywho, tomorrow is ashleys birthday! and today is Josh's birthday! well i think its time for me to go to bed!

DAY EIGHTEEN: Why you made your blog and still have it.

This one is easy. I made my blog because I like writing about my day even if its super boring. I always feel like i want to tell someone about my day but it seems insignificant to tell people who probably wont care. haha so this way even if nobody reads my blog, i still feel like i told someone. :) i still have my blog because jade and i are doing this 365 day challenge and i plan to stick to it even when i miss some days. i also have my blog because I like following my friends cause i get to see how their day went :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

DAY SEVENTEEN: Your idol and why you look up to them.

I have a few idols. My mom is one. She has raised me to be the person I am today and i love her for it. She is so goofy and fun and she is such a strong woman. I want to be like her when i grow up. :)
Another idol i have is Ellen DeGeneres. haha not because she likes girls but because of everything else. She always has a good day and even if she isnt having a good day, nobody would ever know. she is strong and confident and i wish i could make that many people happy. she has shown people that life should be fun and lived the way you want to live it. :)

We’re young and we’re bored. This place about to blow.

I know, i know, i missed two days. but i was super busy and having fun! haha friday we came home and i hung out with my parents and sister and nieces. I love coming home to family and relaxing.
Then saturday, I drove rachel and jade to tri cities so we could shop for a present for tanner and even though i didnt get him anything there i got two new really cute shirts! :) and then we met jenny at olive garden and had lunch. we all had the unlimited soup and salad deal. i love olive garden but i hate it because i always eat soooo much food. we all got dessert and tried eating it on the way home but it was so hard to fit in my stomach. haha and then rachel fell asleep cause she couldnt handle all the food she ate. haha but after we got back into town i went to tanners his birthday dinner with his moms side of the family. i love his family so much! then after that i went home and got ready to go to jordans house to celebrate tanners birthday some more even though it wasnt until sunday. haha
Then sunday, it was actually tanners birthday! so i bought him a shake weight and this other work out thing but i dont think he can use the other work out thing so i have another package on the way for him. :) so at 3 we celebrated trevins 3rd birthday with tanners dads side of the family. we all talked about how fast a whole year has already gone by. it didnt seem that long ago that we were all in that same house celebrating trevins 2nd birthday. i cant even believe how fast time has gone by. now trevin is talking and we can play football with him. :) hes sooo cute and so are tanners new twin sisters! they are getting so big! after the party we went back to my house to eat salmon with my family and i spent some time with them and then went to tanners and hung out with taylor and nick. :) and now its monday.
ugh. i hate driving back to pullman. i wish i could just snap my fingers to get me anywhere i need to go. i seriously cant believe im almost done with my freshman year of college.. only 3 months left.. that is so crazy to me.. tanner and i just stopped at his grandma and grandpas house and they gave us cookies and we talked about how fast this year is going by. i love his grandparents. they are the nicest people ever. haha

DAY SIXTEEN: Someone you trust.

There are only a few people i trust but they are the people that mean the most to me.
Tanner, my family, jade and rachel. I can tell them anything. :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Life is good I cant complain

We are finally going home for the weekend! I just have my english class at 3-4 and then i will be on my way to Moses with Tanner! im excited to go home and relax a bit and celebrate tanners birthday and trevins birthday! and tomorrow, if everything works out, jade rachel and i are going to tri cities to do a little shopping and eat at olive garden! :)

DAY FIFTEEN: A song that makes you cry and why

I dont think there is a song thats makes me cry really. There used to be but im over that now. haha but that commercial with the dad dying and that sad song that goes, "you can let go now daddy," ya that commercial definitely makes me cry. lol 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Simple things, that make you run away, catch you if I can

This morning, I woke up feeling like crap. My neck and throat and ears are all sore and I have no reason why. I also have a mysterious breakout of some sort on my cheek which I also dont understand. Thankful I am going home tomorrow to rest and get healthy. This sunday is tanners birthday and i still havent got him a gift but i know what im getting him. I think on saturday Im going to tri cities if i can get jade or rachel or both to go with me and possibly eat some olive garden. haha o man i hate being sick and feeling like this. I dont have motivation to do anything but i have assignments i need to finish before class. which im going to do right after i get done blogging. :)

DAY FOURTEEN: Write about something you believe in, anything at all.

I believe in a think called love. :) haha i also believe in karma, i believe we all have a purpose in life whether its big or small, and i believe in myself. not as much as i should but im working on it and i think thats why im here at college, to help me figure it out.  I believe in love because anyone that has it can't not be happy. in my eyes, love is a huge part of life. For the majority of my life, i will be married so I want someone I can spend my life with and still be able to tell them i love them everyday and the other way around. I have a wonderful family that loves me and i couldnt ask for better. That is why I believe in love. I believe in karma only because there hasnt really been a time when something or someone hasnt been affected by their actions. good or bad in any situation. :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Please just don’t play with me, my paper heart will bleed

Today, has been good! I woke up, went on a coffee date with Miesha who is my pledge buddy of the week! then i went to english, i got caught up on all my shows and now im gunna do some homework so i can get caught up so i dont have to do it this weekend, and then im going to the gym :) nothing really exciting has happend but im liking today! only 2 more days and im outta here to go home for the three day weekend! :)
Also, today is Jonathan Roberts birthday! We've been best friends ever since i was 2. I cant believe how fast the years have gone by. I told him today that it seems like just yesterday that we were spending every day together jumping on our tampolines and he would be eating all the food we owned in my house. haha we used to call him the "snack man" because every time we would get to my house, no matter if we just had lunch, he would say, im hungry, can i have a snack? haha i would hear that at least 5 times a day. anyways, i just wanted to say happy birthday to him!

DAY THIRTEEN: Your favorite quote

I have a few favorite quotes.
"Live the Life you Love, Love the Life you Live."
"Live, Laugh, Love." - i know this one is one that everyone loves but i think it describes a perfect happy life. If you do all three there is no reason for you to have an unhappy life. :)
"Win today." - haha my boyfriend made this one up and at first i didnt really understand it and thought it was kind of dumb but now im starting to understand why he lives by this quote. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Seems like everybodys got a price, I wonder how they sleep at night

Today has been interesting. I woke up to a blizzard in pullman, my eye was all read so i thought i had pink eye. and i woke up super early. I was extremely angry at the world this morning. but then i went home and slept a little more and my eye got better, then i went to class and worked on my present for ashley, ate some yummy food, and i went to a program thats madatory for greeks. it was a pretty cool documentary that we watched but it was very long.. haha so progressivly my day has gotten a little better since it started but its still not great. but i did get to talk to my best friend jade for a while. im excited we are in the same house and we are going through this greek stuff together! :)

DAY TWELEVE: The best advice you've ever heard, or ever been given.

The best advice ive ever heard is Be Yourself. I know this goes back a few days when the question asked what it meant to me when i hear those words but i think thats the best advice ive ever heard. and it came from my mom. everything has always worked out for the best when i have been myself. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

you say we're just a frat

Today is so wonderful and i havent even gone to dinner with my boyfriend yet! we had our first chapter meeting and formal dinner! omg dinner was soooo yummy. we had like stuffed chicken. i dont even know exactly what was in it but it was so delicious. we talked about so many exciting things during chapter and i cant wait!! i got my first pledge buddy! its miesha! a pledge buddy is someone i get for like a week to hang out with so i can get a mom and be her dot. :) today is great! at the end of chapter the FIJI boys came into our house and serenaded us and sang "you say we're just a frat, gamma phi, you got what i need!" idk if anyone will catch on to what song that was just by me writing it but it was super cute! :) now at 9 im going to my real dinner and stuffing my face :) woo!

also another plus, tanner's fraternity, sigma nu, got there house back so next year we will be neighbors! :)

It's obvious that my heart beats for you

ITS VALENTINES DAY! :) Im so excited for today even though i have way too much going on! but they are all good exciting things! I have my first chapter meeting and formal dinner tonight! and then i have to finish ashleys present to get it sent out tomorrow and then i have dinner at 9 with tanner at Fireside Grille! :) Today is going to be a great day!

DAY ELEVEN: The worst advice you've ever heard, or ever been given.

The worst advice ive ever heard is "trust me, it wont hurt." it seems like my parents or doctor or friends always say this and whenever they say this, it seems to hurt way more then i even imagined. For example, when i got my belly button pierced i had asked a bunch of people if it hurts and they all said no. I think that was the worst pain anyone could recieve from a piercing. haha or shots at the doctors. they say it will sting a little, but it usually stings a lot, for a long time. haha idk if this really counts as advice but ive learned to never listen when someone says it wont hurt. :)


Sunday, February 13, 2011

No Regrets, Just Love

Today has been pretty awesome! Last night was so much fun! I went on a date dash with tanner and we had the best shirts :) then today we just hung out and watched tv together and ate food. haha then i went to his basketball game and now im going to start my homework! im so excited for tomorrow cause its VALENTINES DAY!! :) I cant wait to go to dinner with my bf! haha
Heres some pictures from the date dash last night! The back of our shirts said "No Regrests, Just Love. Sigma Nu Date Dash 2011". On YouTube, this kid sings "Teenage Dream" and that was the theme of the date dash since it had a little bit to do with Valentines day haha

DAY TEN: What you think when you hear the words "Be Yourself"

"Be yourself" means exactly what it says. haha in other words it just means that you should always do what you think is right, be your own person, dont follow others, and think the way you want to. Never let anyone tell you your ways of thinking are wrong, and never give in to peer pressure. Nobody can ever be happy if they are trying to live there life like someone else. In my opinion I think being happy is the most important part of life and being yourself can only help you reach your own happiness. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Last night, wow. lol pretty crazy. thats all i have to say for that. haha tonight im going on a date dash with my bf :) im super excited! then one more day and its valentines day! :) last night i officially signed my papers for Gamma Phi Beta! I am now a pledge! haha

DAY NINE: Things that make you happy.

Lots of things make me happy :)
The things that make me the happiest are my family, my friends, my boyfriend, food, music, Disney, coffee, my new sisters, and traveling :) Doing things that i love make me happy. seeing my best friends or family when i havent seen them in a while makes me happy. :) i could go on for days about what makes me happy ahha but i think you get the point. :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

I used to think maybe you loved me, now baby I'm sure

Today i got mail from my aunt cindy and my grandma! I got a valentines day card from my grandma that had her annual dollar in it! haha but i still appreciate it! :) My Aunt Cindy sent me 20 dollars with a sticky note that says ":) Just Because!" I love her! Thank you Grandma and Aunt Cindy! That definitely made my day!!
My plans for the rest of the day: English at 3-4. get ready for Gamma Phi Beta's paint party with ATO at 9, then im hanging out with my honey! :)

DAY EIGHT: Things that make you sad.

Well this is depressing! haha but i would have to say being alone on valentines day makes me sad. good thing i have a significant other! :) other things that make me sad would have to be, thinking about when we were younger, how easy everything was and how perfect it was to be in the same town with all the people you love.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It makes me smile, yeah it makes me smile

I have some exciting news to share so i thought i would blog about it!
firstly, i had my phone interview for the disney college program! i will know in 3 to 6 weeks if i will be working for disneyland! :)
My other important news is that i got a bid for Gamma Phi Beta!! I was doing some homework and someone knocked on my door and a bunch of the girls from the house started singing their song to me and handed me two cards, a pink carnation, and 3 balloons! it was so cute! but then they informed me that they went to another erin's door and sang to her and then after she was like ummm... i think you have the wrong erin. ahaha thats so funny! but i think im going to accept my bid! :)

just thought i would share the happiness of my day with everyone!

We just make the world dance, forget about the price tag

Today is my phone interview!! :) at 6! Im so excited! Today has been okay. not much has happened though. just glad that tomorrow is friday!
Right now im going to eat my teriyaki chicken, fried rice and an eggrole with my mocha breve. :) and im going to watch the latest episode of modern family! then i will be ready for my interview then im going to the gym and then im not sure what else i have planned. haha
The weather here was so nice today! It made me want to be on a beach somewhere hot soaking up some sun. next spring break i want to be in cabo or somewhere awesome with my friends since im not doing anything this spring break except visiting ashley in seattle! :) i really just want to go on vacation. i guess that means i will be working all summer but im ok with that as long as im making money! haha

DAY SEVEN: A show or a movie that has changed you, and how.

I would have to say the whole Disney company has changed my life. I know that sounds cheesy and it might make me sound like a little kid but truthfully i am cheesy and still a little kid deep down. The Lion king makes my heart melt everytime i watch it. haha and like i had said earlier in the week about the disney college program, they played a short film about the company and it showed so many movies that i love and it made me want to cry because it makes you think about how fast your growing up. i think that is why i love disneyland so much. when youre there you dont have to worry about life or growing up or stress about anything. it just takes you back to when you were little. :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Simple things that make you run away, catch you if i can

Today I have felt very accomplished. :)
I had a good morning, went to my english class which i love, signed up for my phone interview for the disney college program, got caught up on the biggest loser and went to my COB event for gamma phi beta and now im doing some homework and reading a book that we have a test over tomorrow.
Tomorrow i have my phone interview at 6:00 pm and im super excited! even though it takes a few weeks for them to get back to me about if i was accepted or not, im still excited to have my interview. it takes about 20-30 minutes so its pretty serious. this job would be my dream job. words cannot describe how excited i will be if i get accepted!
My COB event went well. we made valentines day cards and ate valentines day candy. haha im nervous. its just one step closer to making a decision.

Im so excited for Valentines Day! i get to spend it with my honey! :) we are going to eat at Fireside Grille. I chose there because I know they have 1 pound of crab for $20 and i have a coupon thats buy one get one free for equal or lesser value so we are definitely getting 2 pounds of crab for $20! ahah tanner thinks im weird for getting so excited about any food i eat but i just like eating. :)

Then on the 20th is Tanners birthday! i still have to buy his present, which i dont know what it is yet... lol but thats exciting and then its Ashleys birthday on the 22nd and i know what im sending her! :)

DAY SIX: Something you would like to change about yourself.

There are multiple physical aspects i would like to change but i try not to list them out. haha i would like to be more aggressive when there are things that i want and i want more motivation and i wish i wasnt so self concious. But dont get me wrong, i love who i am and i really wouldnt want to change anything about myself. :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm walkin on sunshine

Today has been much better than yesterday :) My morning started off great, I went to my classes, learned lots, and caught up on Genuine Ken and The Bachelor! and went to a Disney College Program meeting! And at 9 im going to watch tanners basketball game! GO SIGMA NU! haha The Disney College Program is a paid internship for college kids to work at Disneyland or Disneyworld for about 5 months! I applied last semester but all the spots were filled for Disneyland. :( so Im applying again for next semester! I love going to the meeting because the speaker plays a short clip about the whole Disney company and it makes me so excited to think I could be part of it! so wish me lots of luck! :)

Im excited for tomorrow because I have another COB event for Gamma Phi Beta and we are making valentines day cards and eating candy! yummy right? haha its one of the last events so i have to make a decision soon which is super scary. I just want to make the right choice! also tomorrow, i have an extra credit movie to watch for my history of rock and roll class which is awesome cause that means good grades! :)

DAY FIVE: Something you would change about the world.

If I could change the world, i would add things to it. Like trees and plants. and money. anything green i would add haha but seriously, the world could use more plants. I guess this is coming from a girl who lives in moses lake and goes to school in pullman and hardly ever sees trees anymore.. i do see a lot of wheat now though... =P I would also add more money because being broke sucks and the price of things are inflating making it hard for us to live. If i could take things away from the planet, i would take away food that isnt healthy and spread healthy food to places that dont have enough of it. :) One last thing that i wish i could get rid of is all the hate and unrespectfulness (idk if thats a word. lol) either way there is way too much of it.

well im off to the basketball game! have a good night everyone! =]

Monday, February 7, 2011

Somebody give me sign, that everything's going as planned

Well today has been a pretty bad day. lol it started bad and nothing has really gone right since then. Like i actually was looking forward to english class. i dont even like english!and we had an essay due! so when i got there my usually perky teacher was in the worst mood cause apparently in his last class he was evaluated and it put him in a terrible mood so class sucked. but two things have gone right today, 1. i got a wonderful coffee and muffin from my mom before i started my journey back to pullman and 2. pretty little liars was on tonight so that was exciting. lol
on top of all of this, ive been having weird dreams that involve some people i dont want to see in my dreams.. lol i wish i knew what they meant!
so tonight im going to follow my best friends advice and eat some ice cream, cuddle, and watch a movie. right after my online quiz for gen ed. lol

Todays Question
DAY FOUR: How do you think your life would change if you achieved your dream?

If i achieve my dreams, my life will be perfect. im not really working on any big plans towards my dream right now though so i would imagine it would change drastically. :)

She had an earthquake on her mind

PACKERS WON! :) what a good game! im very proud of greenbay and Aaron Rodgers! haha

Tonight i went over to Jakes house to visit Jade and Jake and everyone else there. We made homemade popcorn on the stove and it was awesome! Except we ended up with way more popcorn then we put in kernals.. which is still a mystery to us. haha then we went to walmart and looked at the valentines day stuff and bought some candy. :) im glad i got to see my best friend before i leave back to pullman in the morning! ehh. not excited to wake up early and drive for 2 and a half hours..

Todays question
DAY THREE: What do you think your reason for being here is?

Truthfully, im still trying to figure this question out. i like to think i was put here to do good and change something in the world, even if its small and insignificant. i know i could write a lot more because this question is so deep but like i said, im still learning what the exact reasons are. all i know for sure is that i love where i am now and im very thankful for this life i have and the people that have been brought into my life.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let's Go!

Its Superbowl Sunday!! :)

It seems like even if you dont watch football or like football you still will always pick a side when it comes time for the superbowl. This year my mom and sister are choosing which team they want to win based on which team has a cuter quarterback. fortunately the aaron rodgers has ben beat. :) not that either one is actually attractive... haha
another reason why we want the packers to win is because the stealers beat the seahawks in 2006 by cheating and since then i have no respect for them. haha so hopefully the packers cream the stealers! =D
also i am excited to see the commercials this year!
I made cupcakes for the game. =] we ate the stealer cupcakes just like the packers are going to eat the stealers right now!

anything you want I can get it for ya

I can't believe I already forgot to blog for day two of my 365 day challenge. BUT in my defense, I had a lot going on yesterday. I drove home to Moses Lake and had a blast with my family! My sister and family came over and we had lots of laughs. My dad thinks hes a hardcore rocker when he puts his headphones in and he drums and only sings the parts he knows (which isn't much..) so we video taped him and threatened to put it on youtube. Then I watched ELLEN all night with my mom. :)

Ok so to make up for yesterday,
DAY TWO: Something thats illegal that you think should be legal

For this question i have two answers. Music downloading and J-Walking.
First of all J-Walking should be legal just because if you do it, youre the one choosing your own safety. If you get hit its your own fault. hahaha
I know most people wouldnt agree that music downloading should be legal but i think it should be because everyone does it anyway and with all the ipods and mp3 players being made, nobody has thousands of dollars to spend on songs just to listen to them. I dont know how to fix the problem but its one thing i think should be legal. :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

I like my beats fast and my bass down low

So today has been pretty uneventful. I had a test for History of Rock & Roll and i thought i was going to do way worse then i did and it ended up being pretty easy! tonight should be very fun if everything goes the way its supposed to!

So today I found a 365 day blog challenge so I decided that it would help me blog every day. The questions on this challenge actually make me think about the answers and thats why i chose to do it. My best friend Jade is doing it with me but on her blog on livejournal!

DAY ONE: Hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days with a picture of me.

Hmm.. there is so much that i could say for this question. 365 days is a long time to think into the future but i do have some general plans and dreams that i could list out. For the rest of this sememster i am focusing on school. I hope to get all A's in my classes and thats what im working toward. It may not happen but im trying my hardest. :) other plans i have are to get a job during summer, maybe go on vacation, and most importantly, i have some big decisions to make before the end of this semester.. joining a sorority is one, deciding on a major is another, and possibly finding a place to live next year when im a sophomore. One thing i know for sure though, is i will be happy no matter what im doing a year from now. :)
Also i would just like to add that there is only 10 days till Valentines Day! and only 16 days till Tanners Birthday! :)
Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I wanna fly, I wanna drive, I wanna go

So for my first blog I wanted to write out my bucket list! I add to it whenever I think of something new so if anyone has ideas let me know! :)

.Graduate from college with a degree
.Build a school in Africa
.Ride in a hot air balloon
.Eat a fresh coconut
.Go ice fishing
.Steal a street sign
.Ride a camel
.Ice skate at rockafeller center
.Ride on a gondala in Venice
.Stand at the base of the Eiffel Tower
.Visit the smithsonian museum
.Ride an elephant
.Hang glide
.Milk a cow
.Ride a sailboat
.River raft
.Take a train ride
.Drive on the autobahn
.Have my dream wedding
.Ride a horse through a vineyard in Italy
.Be in Timesquare for New Years
.Swim with dolphins
.Swim with sharks
.Get a tattoo
.Buy a Vera Wang dress
.Save someones life in any way possible
.Do hot yoga
.Watch a soccer match in Mexico
.Have a house built and own it
.Enter a sandcastle contest
.Get tickets to ELLEN
.Take a trollly through downtown San Francisco
.Ride a double decker bus in London
.Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
.Have kids
.Go to an opera
.Take a jog through Central Park
.Go to a super bowl
.Watch a professional beach volleyball tournament
.Learn to drive stick shift
.Learn to wakeboard
.Ride in a taxi through New York City
.Plant a tree
.Try to make a guard laugh from Buckingham Palace
.Be on the radio
.Canoe through the Everglades or Amazon River
.Design my own dress
.Find out if P. Sherman 42 Wallabye Way, Sydney really exists. =]
.Coach a volleyball team
.Hold a koala
.Take surf lessons
.Go on a safari expedition
.Go backpacking in Hawaii
.Volunteer at an orphanage
.Rent a loft in NY
.See the northern lights
.Live somewhere in Europe for at least a year
.Watch the Olympics live
.See Stonehenge
.Go parasailing
.Go to a fashion show
.Attend fashion week in NY
.Intern in Europe
.Be my own boss
.Visit Central Park in the summer
.See the real pyramids and the Sphynx in Eygpt
.Live in Seattle for at least a year
.Donate hair to Locks of Love
.Buy a nice camera
.Sing kareoke in front of a large group of people
.Learn to play an instrument
.Learn how to salsa dance
.Take a photo of me "leaning" on the leaning tower of piza
.Take kickboxing lessons
.Go sky diving
.Go indoor sky diving
.Go zorbing
.Watch a ballet
.Buy a Betsy Johnson dress
.Run a marathon
.Go bungee jumping
.Be in 4 states at one time
.Go on a cruise
.Go ziplining through a rainforest
.Attend a presidential inauguration
.Make a wish in the Trevi fountain
.Complete 10 Geocaches
.Whale watch
.Model for something
.Spend a full day in a spa
.Canoe through the Rio Grande
.Go to the Winter X games
.Take a picture of myself doing each of these things

so thats my bucket list in no significant order. :) i know some of these are silly but i want to live my life to the fullest. i am making a scrapbook for this list to help me complete it. every page will have its own item from the list so when i complete it i will have at least one picture for every page.