Thursday, February 9, 2012

My middle name should be 'awkward'

Awesome, Awkward, Awful.
I took this idea from another blog I have seen. Every week I'm going to post things that happened to me that were awesome, awkward, or awful. Hopefully there won't be too many awful things, but I can guarantee there are going to be MANY awkward things. Most of the things I post about will probably be stories from work since that's where I spend most of my time now. haha

* I got a new job and I love it. I calculated it out and with wages and tips I am making an average of 24 dollars an hour. WOOHOO
* I just went shopping online for some new summer clothes :)
* Dutch Bros wants me to work for them and even though I am not going to take the job, I still think its awesome.
* I love my work outfit. We get to wear these really nice purple jackets, black jeans and the rain boots I bought! :)

* Two days ago I got to work and Jase walked in the door and around the corner. He said "how are you doin?" so I said "Gooood.." Then he proceeded to help the customer he was talking to and I realized he wasn't talking to me. Then he comes around the corner again and says "so you're doing good huh?"
* Yesterday at work, a car pulled up to be washed and I thought I recognized her so I waved enthusiastically and smiled at her. So she did the same back. After I got to drying her car, I realized I had no clue who this person was.
* Going in to Blue Palms and trying to manage three different cups of frozen yogurt. A word to the wise, its very hard to dispense the yogurt into your cup if you set it at the bottom of the machine.

* I am not very excited for Valentines day. I have no special plans and that is a first for me.
* An old lady with breathing tubes accidentally rolled her wrist up in her window trying to give me a tip. People actually do it all the time but this one made me feel awful.
* I accidentally power washed the skin of my hand yesterday. This is what it looks like today. :(


  1. I like to fight people with power washers

    1. James you don't even know. The pressure washer is my weapon of choice. lol