Monday, May 9, 2011


Dang. A whole week without blogging. haha I guess I should update my blog a little. Finished up with finals and all that and now I'm back home :)
For the summer I am going to be working at my moms coffee stand and also another job so today I  am going to be searching for a job at a coffee stand in town, then I'm doing laundry and sitting outside. Since Ive been home Ive been waking up at 9:30 or earlier and if feels really good to get my days started earlier than normal. :)
DAY EIGHTY-NINE: Are you self aware?
Yes i think so. I know what kind of person I am and I think I know how people perceive me.

DAY NINETY: Write a letter to a close friend.
I pick Rachel because she is the person i haven't seen in the longest time.
Dear Rachel,
I haven't even seen you since Ive been home. Last night you texted me saying you were craving toast. I hope you got your toast. I think I'm going to text you right now and see what you are doing today and maybe you will go to lunch with me. :)
I love you and you are my best friend. I'm very glad to be home so i can hang out with you! :)

DAY NINETY-ONE: Name a book you read in class that wasn't entirely awful.
From last year, I can't name one because they were all awful. lol I know at some time of my highschool career I read a good book but I can't even think of a book title right now.

DAY NINETY-TWO: What you have learned just from attending your school.
Honestly, I have never learned more than what I have in this year of school at WSU. I have learned so much more about myself, my career, living on my own, dealing with issues that I have never come across. I have learned so many new things just from attending WSU. I'm very excited to go back and continue with my career and keep learning new things about myself. :)

DAY NINETY-THREE: What about the opposite sex you can't understand.
Well boys are pretty simple most of the time. or at least its usually easy to understand there thoughts. haha but what I don't understand is why boys can't think more like girls and understand us. haha

DAY NINETY-FOUR: Do you keep your thoughts to yourself?
Sometimes. It depends whos around to talk to and it also depends what the situation is. If I have something to say to someone and its a compliment or something good I usually tell them. :)

DAY NINETY-FIVE: Describe the weather occurring right now.
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! :) Its sunny and its already 58 degrees!! :) I am definately going outside today to read or sleep or something. haha

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Happy Late Mother's Day to all the mommys!

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