Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Job! New Dress!

So it only took a little less than a year, but I finally got a JOB at the Car and Dog Wash! The best part is how much money I will be making in tips! On a normal day the workers make about 100-150 dollars in tips. That is amazing. lol I will also be getting a workout from this new job which is also another plus. :) and  I will be working with one of my best friends! Even though she will probably not work on the same days since she has school on the days I will most likely be working. But the only thing I really care about, is that I HAVE A JOB! :D AND I start tomorrow :)

So now that I am almost making money I can't stop imagining things I can buy. But I keep reminding myself that it would be best to save most of it :) but I would also like to finally take a trip somewhere warm... hmmm I guess we will have to see what I end up doing with my money. haha

Other than getting a new job, not a whole lot of exciting things have happened since the last time I blogged. O ya. My parents espresso stand got broken into last Thursday night. And the bugler didn't even take anything. Just broke the window and left some blood and finger prints. haha and he also tried to take some bags of chocolate chai but dropped them in the snow on his way out. which I don't understand at all. But since he tried to take the bags of chocolate chai he is now being charged with burglary and intent to commit a crime, instead of just breaking and entering or whatever its called. lol what a loser.

I also finished the Hunger Games series and I was very disappointed in the ending. I'm having a hard time being mad at the author though because I absolutely loved all three books until the final 20 pages... It just seemed like she got bored with writing and summed everything up in a couple paragraphs. :( BUT, overall I loved the books. :) Now I'm looking for something new to read :) My sister and I and some of my sister's friends are thinking about starting a book club. I know. I'm a nerd :P

My best friend Jade comes home this weekend! :) and it's super bowl weekend so it should be a pretty good weekend! :)

ALSO!! I finally got my dress for White Rose! Here's what it looks like on me! I just need to find shoes, a tie to match for tanner and some jewlery to go along with it! :)

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