Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Sunday

Happy Late Easter!

 Sunday my parents came down for the day and took tanner and I to lunch at new garden. YUMMIEST chinese food ever. then we drove to moscow to find out that everything was closed for easter so on the way back we stopped by the bears. A little bit off campus we have a place were students study bears, cows and sheep. But the bears were soooo awesome! I wish I could work with them! there were like 7 adult bears and 2 or 3 little cubs. They were the cutest things ever!!  after the bears we just drove around a little more and then they took a bunch of our stuff home that we packed. 

It was so nice to see my parents on Easter. :) 

DAY EIGHTY: One of your favorite childhood memories.
I have so many good memories growing up with Jonathan, Kim, Rachel and Ashley. 
I always had so much fun with jonathan. he was my best friend since I was 2. We used to pretend we were characters from Rocket Power when we would jump on the trampoline together. We spent EVERY DAY together. I did a lot of "exploring" other peoples property and pretending I was something really cool. When we would ride in cars together we would pretend there were buttons on the back seats that would change the car into whatever we wanted and we thought of every button from a drink maker to turning the car into a submarine. I miss those days with Jonathan.

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