Saturday, April 2, 2011

Today I don't feel like doin anything. I just want to lay in my bed.

Woke up this morning SICK. ugh. i missed my recruitment practice event because of it so now I owe 75 bucks. but on a good note, I ordered a swimsuit from Victoria's secret last night and im super excited for it to get here!! except I ordered a leopard one but then tanner and tina told me not to get that one so i emailed them and asked if i could change the color to a dark blue one. so im just waiting to hear back from them and im still not sure what color it is but i would love to have either one so im happy. haha

Don't worry. They wont look like half as good on me. haha
 Also, my next purchase is going to be a pair of TOMS not because everyone else has a pair but they are soooo comfy and I want to wear them to all the softball tournaments! haha im already planning my outfits for the games. :)

and one other thing! I think this summer we are going to try to plan a big trip to California with all of our friends which makes me super excited! :)

Blogging makes me realize how much I have to look forward to and it shows me how lucky I am to be me and have such wonderful people around me. :)

DAY FIFTY-EIGHT: Places you want to visit and why.

I already have a list made :)
Paris - i dont really need to explain why. haha
London - to see all the historic sights and ride a double decker bus. :)
Rome - historic stuff and the coliseum!!
Venice - to ride a gondola and enjoy some yummy Italian food!
Ireland - because its beautiful
Sydney - to see the opera house and hear cute Australian accents. :) ahha
Greece - to see all the ancient Greek stuff. and also because its beautiful.
Germany - to buy really good chocolate.
Los Angeles - to see ELLEN. :) and Hollywood and all that fancy stuff.
New York (again) because I love it and its my favorite city so far. :)
Boston (again) also because I love it there and its full of historic places and its a pretty chill city. haha
Egypt - to see all the pyramids and the Sphinx. :) and learn more about the Egyptian culture.
Caribbean Islands and Barbados - who wouldn't want to go there?? also i want to snorkel!
Barcelona - because its Spain. duh. haha
Norway - just because. :)
Alaska - because its beautiful and I want go ice fishing.
Forks, WA and La Push Beach - to find the Jacob. duh. haha
The Everglades - Ive always wanted to canoe through the everglades and see all the alligators and hippos. :)
Cabo - mexican food and hot sun :)
Washington D.C. - all the presidential stuff.
Amsterdam - to go to all the huge museums
San Francisco - to ride a trolley. :) 
Hawaii - once again, do i need to explain?
Costa Rica - to go on the largest zip line through the forest.
Africa - to go on a safari. :) i think this is where i want to go most.

obviously all these places are beautiful and most of them I just want to see all the historic places but I consider this part of my bucket list because I will do everything in my power to see all these places. :)

P.S. Pullman! please get your weather straightened out! Its already been super windy, super sunny, rained and hailed and its only 3. and im not positive but i think i saw some snow mixed in there.. please be warm and sunny. thanks.
Your Friend,

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