Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm Lovin Life!

Ugh! my computer is retarded and didnt post my post from yesterday. Anyways, i forgot to mention on monday that i got my swim suit in the mail! and victorias secret sent me another discount so i ordered a white swim suit so that should be here soon! yesterday i decided on a summer job so this way i wont have to work nights and ill be able to make it to softball games and all the fun stuff going on in summer! and ill be making bank in tips!! :) I bought a tanning package yesterday so i went tanning and im going to go as soon as i get done with blogging haha i am so ready for summer!!

also, yesterday i realized that i had been wearing my underwear inside out all day.. haha in my defense i was in a hurry when i put them on. lol

DAY SIXTY-EIGHT: The best concert you have been to.
I think just in general i would say Warped Tour. But my favorite bands to watch were The Classic Crime, A Day to Remember, and 3Oh!3.

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