Monday, April 25, 2011


Friday night Jade and Kristi came to Pullman! Jordan was busy doing initiation things so Kristi came to hang out with us! we had a really fun night except this was the first night of the whole year where there was literally NOTHING going on. lol but we went to tanners live out and hung out with the guys there, then we went to another live out where my twin was! and they had a bon fire so we hung out by the fire all night and hung out with the guys there :) It was a great night and when we got home we wanted to order pizza so we called Pizza Perfection and asked them if they had any deals. They said that some people ordered two monster pizzas but they meant to order from moscow. So the guy offered us a monster pizza for 13 bucks when they are normally 40. At the time we didnt realize how big a monster pizza actually was. This is what we ended up with.

Poor kristi could only handle half of a piece..
these pieces were so big i had to fold it in half to fit it in the microwave.
So saturday Jade and I got up and went tanning, and went to walmart, then we went to some block parties! it was so nice outside! I even got to wear shorts! :) We partied all day and then went to our date dash :) it was a good day!

DAY SEVENTY-NINE: Why do you feel as though people judge others?
I feel like people judge other people for a few reasons. most of the time it is just because they are jealous of what other people have. but i dont think its always out of jealousy. I mean I judge people and I honestly can't tell you why. Maybe its because I get bored, sometimes its because that person has done something to hurt me or make me feel bad so I guess I feel like I need to find their flaws to make it right, (even though I know its not right.) sometimes its out of jealousy but when it is I can admit it. I try not to judge people anymore and I try to remove the negative thoughts.

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