Monday, April 4, 2011

You play my nerves, like strings, all upside-down.

I'm extremely annoyed with this sickness that I have. My throat hurts sooo bad. but mostly when I'm trying to sleep. lol this week is a busy week! One book test on Tuesday over a book that i haven't read but i tried to and it is extremely awful. It was written by an African American. no offense. its just really hard to understand and every five seconds of reading i have to look down at the bottom of the page to see what the special word with the number by it means. I'm just going to read some spark notes on it or something. lol then Wednesday i have two tests and I'm nervous cause i really really really have to do good. thank goodness for our test files! I'm going to memorize every question and answer! haha
But this weekend is Moms Weekend! so that's exciting! we are going to watch the fashion show put on by my major!
I also just found out that we have formal chapter tonight. in our Pajamas!! haha nice! i hate dressing up so I'm glad we don't have to this week!!


DAY FIFTY-NINE: One person you can tell everything to.
I have three people. Tanner Jade and Rachel. These are the people I go to for everything. They are always here for me. :)

DAY SIXTY: A YouTube video you absolutely love and describe why.
There are so many YouTube videos I love. This is like asking me what my favorite movie is. haha there are too many good ones to just pick one. :) 

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