Thursday, April 21, 2011


Last night i was officially initiated into Gamma Phi Beta. :) I love my sisters!! I had a wonderful time and I can't wait to get my letters from my mom!

As you can tell, Ive had a very mixed up day. lol I'm frustrated and irritated because I'm having trouble with the financial aid office, registrar's office, center for advising, the amt department and my advisor. I have talked to all of these people today and nobody can help me lift a hold from my schedule. I need to register today because classes are filling up and i neeeeed these classes. nobody knows how to help me and they aren't helping at all. All day i was just transferred to another department so they could tell me they will transfer me to another department that knows nothing. gah!
but on a better note, I'm excited to be done with this semester, and I'm excited for summer. obviously cause i talk about it in every post. haha
I'm happy today though because my mom and dad sent me a package that had Easter stuff and money for tanner and i. :) it was super cute and my parents are thinking about coming here on Sunday to see me and take some of my stuff home so i don't have a lot of stuff to take home on the last day. :)) I'm also happy because Jade and Kristi are coming this weekend :) and I have a date dash with Tanner this weekend. :) I just have a lot to be happy about :)

so for the next two hours I'm going to be packing as much as possible. then i have a post initiation workshop thing to go to tonight.


DAY SEVENTY-SEVEN: What gives you everyday inspiration.

My family, friends and boyfriend. They keep me going everyday.

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