Monday, April 11, 2011


This is to make up for Friday. I had a super busy weekend! haha
So Friday, my mom came into town for moms weekend. We packed her car full of stuff from my room that i dont need since im done with school in like 3 weeks! after that we went to dinner and then got ready to go to the fashion show. There was a craft fair going on in Beasley so we walked around a little and looked at all the cool things then we went and got a seat for the show. I was so amazed by this fashion show. All of these students are so talented and I have a new goal now to be one of the designers in the show within the next couple of years. :)

after the show we drove to my moms hotel in Lewiston.
DAY SIXTY-FOUR: Your best friend got in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before, what do you do?

Obviously forget about the fight and go be with her. A stupid fight would not stop me from being there for my best friends if something happened to her. We hardly even fight as it is so it wouldnt be hard to get over a fight with one of them. :)

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