Friday, April 29, 2011


So I am the worst blogger ever. haha that's ok though. I made up for the week I haven't blogged. And on my defense I have had the busiest week ever! It's dead week and I've had sooooo much to do to get ready for the end of the year. Ive been busy tanning, watching extra credit movies for a class, writing papers, finishing things for Gamma Phi and I finally got to register but I'm nowhere near being done with my schedule but so far I have Math, Human Development 205, AMT 108, and AMT 210. I still need a gen ed class and I don't know about taking math and hd at the same time cause I heard its really hard. I also need to take Entomology 101 but its all full. :( but I will get it figured out. I'm so excited! My parents told me that we might go to Disneyland this summer so that made me extremely happy! haha I don't think anyone loves Disneyland like I do.

I can't believe I only have one more class left for the year... It doesn't seem real that I will be on Summer Break in 7 days!! :) I'm so excited to work and make money, camp, lay in the sun, go running in the mornings, AHHH! I'm so excited!!!

So last night we had our mom dot sneak kind of. haha I finished my paddle but I forgot to take a picture of it. :( I think I'm gunna ask Ellen for a picture but I also think that's a little weird. ahah
Also yesterday we got our packet for recruitment! We have all our outfits planned out which means lots and lots of shopping this summer!! :)

DAY EIGHTY-FIVE: If you had the opportunity to get a message across to a large group of people, what would your message be?
hmm.. I think my message would have to do with living life. or going green or something like that. I had public speaking though so my message will definitely never get across that way.. haha but I would rather worry about what I'm doing with my life instead of other people. It's not my job to tell people how to live. :)

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