Monday, April 11, 2011


Saturday my mom and i got up to go back to Pullman. We dropped off a basket for the silent auction and then went to the Old European breakfast place haha it was so packed! also something that was super awkward.. there was a boy and his mom sitting next to us and his mom literally reached over, took his plate, and cut up his pancakes for him... my mom and i were laughing so hard. it was ridiculous. After we ate dinner we went to moscow to shop a little. Got some new summer clothes. Then we met up with Tanner and Tina at Crimson and Grey, hung out in his room for a while, then went to the bookie.
after that my mom and i ate dinner and then we met up with tanner and tina again and we sat in his room for a few hours talking and having fun. then we left to one of the live outs and hung out there then we left to another live out which was super fun! all i have to say about this night was bushes. hahhahah we also ran in to randy and megan walking back home which was weird but it was nice to see them!

DAY SIXTY-FIVE: One random fact about yourself.
I can touch my nose with my tounge. hahah

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