Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So last night I got to sleep on the sleeping porch in Ellen's bed which kinda sucked cause its extremely hard to get on the top bunk and nobody slept at all last night. Also, this used to happen before i would get up for school back in moses, but the birds and squirrels were up at like 5 chirping and they wouldn't stop!! i was about to go open the window and throw something at them. haha i get initiated today! on 4/20. kinda sketchy.. haha jk. ALSO!
Good Luck to Tay! Shes having her surgery today to remove her bump on her back. :) haha I love you sister!

so today, class. academic showcase, tanning, class, dinner, initiation, cleaning, and SLEEPING.
I get to register for classes tomorrow hopefully!

DAY SEVENTY-SIX: How do you feel about going green?
I'm a tree hugger. haha I think its awesome that going green is coming back. it can only benefit society and the earth. :) i always try to recycle when i can and i love buying products that are considered "green" and I love to eat organic and vegetarian food when I get that option. :)


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