Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Yesterday was a busy day! We had our last chapter of the year and formal dinner! also last night we spent the night at the house in the formal and it sucked cause the floor is super hard and uncomfortable and i ended up walking home at 7:30 in the morning. but it was fun to be with my girls and have all our girly talks haha
also! yesterday I got my white swim suit in the mail :)

so today i slept in a little more after I got home cause i was super tired from last night. after i got up and ready tanner and i went to moscow and i bought some new shirts! :) I cant wait for summer!

I can't wait for sunshine!
DAY SEVENTY-FIVE: What is one of the best dreams you have ever had?
I actually have a lot of really weird/unbelievable dreams and those are the ones i remember best. but the best dreams are those ones that i wake up smiling cause they were so good. :) haha I love those dreams. I dont have a specific one in mind though that was the best one ive ever had..

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