Friday, March 18, 2011

There's always something in your way, what can you say? You're gunna have a good day

Today has been so fun! jade and i went and got breakfast/lunch and then bussed it down to the Seattle Aquarium! we saw some really gross and cool looking fish.

then we went to pikes place and saw a store that had a bunch of life-size cutouts of celebrities and this is the result.
:) sorry tay for stealin your man.
Outside of that shop there was a guy drawing pictures of people in cartoon form and it was super cute and we thought it was cheap so we let him draw us. haha he asked us what we wanted to be so we said supermodels but somehow jade ended up a mermaid... haha
cute huh! haha i look like i have a lazy eye and he told me my eyes are different then most peoples and im still trying to figure out what that means.. lol

also we went to Z pizza which is an all organic pizza place and it was BOMB.
anyways we are going to Ian and Ericks in Auburn tonight so i need to get ready to go! :)

DAY FORTY-THREE: Is it possible to lie without saying a word?

I feel like this should be a yes but i think its not possible. If you use facial expressions or body language then they are assuming whatever the lie is just by looking at you. You dont technically say anything to them so its kind of their fault if they guess or assume something.

i hope everyone is having an amazing spring break like i am! or will have an amazing spring break soon. :)

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