Saturday, March 12, 2011

She' got dreams too big for this town, and she needs to give them a shot

today i woke up at 9. which really confused me since i went to bed really late. i never wake up before 10 and i couldnt go back to sleep. i was extremely confused.
i just remembered that sunday is daylight savings time. when we lose an hour :( thats awful.
today on one of the episodes of Ellen mike tyson was on and the moral of his speech was that "There's nothing worse than a fat coke-head." good ole Mike Tyson. leave it up to him to be classy.

also i dont know if everyone has been watching the news or knows whats going on in Japan right now but its awful.
Japan experienced some earthquakes and one reached 8.9 on the richter scale. which triggered a tsunami that has distroyed most of the town. new tsunami warnings have been an issue. and on top of it all, the tsunami has affected 5 different nuclear plants causing them to overheat. last night there was an explosion in one of the plants and this could cause the radiation to go into the air. I know they have evacuated people living near the nuclear plants. there is barely any electricity and they are having food, water, and battery shortages. also, they have had about 150 aftershocks reaching about 5.0 on the richter scale. i just wanted to encourage people to watch the news for a little bit and remember how lucky we are to be alive.
my prayers go out to Japan and i hope they get everything cleaned up soon. 

DAY THIRTY-SEVEN: Who are you?

Wow. haha well im Erin. Im 5'8". I live in Pullman but my hometown is Moses Lake. :) aha im not quite sure what i want to do in life yet and i know i should figure it out soon but im working on it. haha i love my family and friends and my boyfriend and i believe they have made me who i am today. and that is a person that i love :) 

o man. i love the invisible rope!

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