Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don't look back, and have no regrets

I have never had to write so many notecards in my life. lol i will post a picture later of all my cards. its insane. Good news is that it stopped snowing early this morning and didnt snow today!! even though none of the snow is melting, im still excited. haha only 10ish days till spring break!! :) tomorrow tanner and i are getting up early to leave to spokane so we can finally get our extended licenses for CANADA! woo! then i have a super busy day! we have to make it back by 1 cause tanner has class then, then i have class at 3 to 4, dinner with betas at 5, chapter development programming at 6, extra credit movie for history of rock and roll at 7 to 8:30, and starting at 8:00, we are having a small sisterhood so we can hangout with all our pledge buddies at once cause we havent had much time and we are getting our moms soon! what a hectic day i have ahead of me!

DAY TWENTY-SIX: 5 things you are looking forward to.

There are way more than five things im looking forward to so im just going to list a few.
- Spring Break!
- Canada for Sigma Nu White Rose Formal
- the weekends haha
- getting a mom!
- i know this one is weird but im excited for study tables to start!
- summer! and the next summer if i can make enough money to go to africa!!
- moms weekend
- spring fest
and many many more!! i love that im blogging now because i will have all these memories in words so i can remember all the amazing things that happen in my life! :)

This has to be the cutest picture i have ever seen.

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