Friday, March 25, 2011

If your one of us, then roll with us.

DAY FIFTY: Your plans for the weekend.

Im not sure what our exact plans are but at 3 i will be on my way to Canada!! woo! haha Im super duper excited! except i realized this morning that my phone wont work in Canada. great. and hopefully there is free wifi in my hotel or i will be totally disconnected to the world. haha anyways, we have a 7 hour bus ride to Canada on charter busses and i think im going to die. lol i hate bus rides so im not quite sure how this is going to work for me. haha
tomorrow night we have our formal dinner! and night clubs! and the bars for everyone else! haha :( i hope i can get in or else i will be super bored.. lol sometimes i dont like being young!
Im glad that Aimee is going tho! it will be nice to have another girl i know there!

last night we got our sweatshirts! they are so awesome! i will post pictures when i get back or later today if i get time!

how cute is this thing? i want one!

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