Wednesday, March 9, 2011

By now you shoulda, somehow, realized what you gotta do

Today i woke up to a TON of notifications that Travis, Danny, and Mitch had liked everything of mine on facebook and i didnt know why so i started liking EVERYTHING of theirs. Matt finally told me that it was because i always like everybodys status. um YA. thats what the like button is for! when i like something! lol so thats how my day started. BUT its wednesday! which  means only 2 more days till spring break! woo! tonight at 6:30 is the Greek Week Basketball Tournament so i will be going to that and then right after we have our mom dot social where we are gunna eat pizza and watch movies! then i have two essays to write, and 3 one page papers. :) NOT.

I seriously cant wait for spring break to come! hopefully it will be nice in moses and seattle!

DAY THIRTY-FOUR: Your horoscope for the day and whether you think its accurate.

GEMINI: Your key planet Mercury skips into action-packed Aries today, encouraging you to learn everything you can about something new. You might develop an unexpected interest in heading in a different direction. You are eager to start moving, but you could get sidetracked by a major distraction. Instead of losing sight of your previous goals, demonstrate your genius by turning your brilliant ideas into something real.

i think this is pretty accurate because ive been thinking a lot about my major lately and how i want to find something that i love. and i love traveling. its just been something thats been on my mind and ive really been looking forward to my future i just forget that i have steps to take to get there first. :)
today this makes me happy! :)

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