Sunday, March 6, 2011

We could leave this town and run forever

i know im behind. lol ive been busy. friday i had my test and went out with miesha and becca :) i had a wonderful friday :)
DAY TWENTY-NINE: A date you'd love for someone to take you on.

truthfully, any date is perfect as long as tanner is the one taking me on it. :) but i do have some dream dates in mind.. most of them have to do with checking something off my bucket list, and traveling somewhere i havent been before. i like adventurous dates like zip lining through the jungle. or going on a safari in south africa seeing lions and giraffes and elephants. haha but i have always wanted a date in paris or rome where we just spend the whole day sightseeing and eating at cute little cafes and stuff. :) or just a day on the beach works for me!

i want one. haha

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  1. Paris is very very beautiful!!! I can only recommend it!
    You should go to Denmark though, not very famous but with my opinion, I think that Copenhagen is a very beautiful city, I love it!