Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Put your troubles aside, start livin

Today, i got up at 6:20, went to mcdonalds, picked up tanner, drove to spokane, got our extended licences, (kind of) went to subway, then starbucks, ahha then drove home, went to english, went to the house to have dinner with betas, then rushed to chapter development programming cause everyone said it was at 6 but it ended up being at 7. so thats pretty much my day. this is about the only time ive sat down for real today. lol

so when we went and got our extended licences, we had to sign lots of papers and all that and then they punched my licence so i cant use it anymore which i didnt realize thats what was going to happen and then they gave me a temporary paper licence and said it SHOULD take about 3 weeks to have my licence shipped to moses lake. as of right now i need my licence to be in my hands in 23 days. which is 3 weeks and 2 days. so im really stressed that it wont come in time.. and to add on to the stress, apparently tanner forgot to sign the last paper so we have to go back to spokane on saturday.. but that does mean that we might be able to go to dinner! :)

one other thing i wanted to talk about today was the chapter development programming i went to. the speaker was a comedian, who was deaf. she was so awesome. she was hilarious and still gave us a really good message. she has been through so much throughout her life. it really made me think and it put some things into perspective for me. so thank you KATHY BUCKLEY.
this is her facebook page.!/OfficialKathyBuckley she truley is amazing!

DAY TWENTY-SEVEN: A person you wish lived closer and why.

I wish my family and friends lived closer because i miss them. i know i cant have it all my way though and im ok with that because i get to see them often and still start my life living on my own. :)

Im not sure what it is about the animal pictures but i have been finding super cute animals. :)

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