Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let your waves crash down on me and take me away

i hate blogging about my day when i havent done anything during the day so therefore im not even going to try to blog about my day today. lol but i did find out that i have a deep tissue massage next tuesday at 3:30!! im so excited!! and then next wednesday jade and i are going to seattle to visit ashley and tay! i havent seen either of them in a while so im super excited!! also i talked to taylor and jade and ashley and we have made so many plans! jade has tickets to the aquarium so when ashley is in class i think we will walk ourselves right on down to pike place :) and taylor wants to meet us down town one of the days to hang out and shop and friday we are gunna go clubbin with taylor and one of the days i think we might go to a spa!! im sooooo excited!

ONLY 3 more days till Spring Break starts!
ONLY 8 days till Seattle!
ONLY 17 days till CANADA! WOOOO!

DAY THIRTY-THREE: Someone who really hurt you.

Well there are two people I could write about today who have seriously hurt me. For the most part i think its pretty obvious who these two people are. They were two people that i trusted with everything at once point in my life. O well, nobody wants to talk about people that hurt them. im moving on with my life and ive never been happier! :)

so cute! :)

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