Thursday, March 10, 2011

You said you'd run away, you said you'd run away with me.

Two more classes and i will be home free for spring break! :) i cant wait to go home and relax! and have real meals. haha today is the last day of greek week and i think we are going to win. when i went to check in for greek week apparel today, we were ahead by a lot. which is AWESOME. GO TEAM NINE!
another thing to add is that today its been raining a ton! i like it! except when i have to walk all the way to the other end of campus in just a t shirt so my hair got gross. haha

1 day till spring break!
7 days till seattle!
15 days till Canada!

DAY THIRTY-FIVE: Words you live by, and why you like them.

Live life with no regrets.

I like this quote because you only get one life to live so why spend it regretting anything you do? The point is to enjoy the life youre given and do things that make you happy :)

O MAN. This is the cutest dog i have ever seen. This is Tanners cousins new puppy. its name is bear. :) AW. im so in love with this dog! 

how awesome is this!

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