Monday, March 28, 2011

Amazing weekend!

I think I'm just going to make one giant blog for the last 4 days. ya. sounds good to me. lol I didn't have service all weekend or Internet connection so it was a little hard to blog. haha

Friday: we left at 3:30 to go to CANADA. which sucked to ride a bus for 7 hours but it was ok. so we ended up getting into town at like 10:30 so we wanted to go eat. this is the reason why i didn't like Canada..
we went to the pub to eat dinner and the waitress asked for IDs. so i told her i forgot mine and she asked if i could go get it and i said well am i not allowed to be in here if I'm 18 and she said no, sorry. so i got extremely mad because i just wanted to eat dinner with no intention of drinking. so i went back to the hotel and tanner followed shortly after cause he wanted to talk to the waitress. she said the only reason i couldn't be in there was because a cop could come in and shut them down for 5 days. whatever. anyways tanner and i walked to Denny's and ordered french toast slams and holy cow it was like a 30 dollar meal all together. Canada is so expensive! lol then we went back to Cody's room and hung out there.
 Tanner and I on the bus ride to Canada!
 Me at the border! haha definitely checking that off the bucketlist!

Saturday: set an alarm for like 9 to go to breakfast, got too tired and fell back asleep till like 11, got ready then realized the hot tub was open! so we put our swim suits on and told everyone to go in the hot tub. so everyone was in the hot tub drinking their drinks and hangin out. it was pretty fun! then tanner and i walked to get some food at a gas station and i ordered a bacon cheeseburger and they put a pickle slice on TOP of the bun. Canadians do things weird. haha so then we went back and hung out in the hot tub some more and met some old guys that were a little too creepy for me. haha then we got ready and went to our formal dinner! which was so much fun and tanner got some awards from his house. he got 'Guido Status' which is no surprise but he also got the 'Marshall Award' which basically means hes the most promising candidate. Good job babe! anyways, after dinner we were supposed to go clubbing but of course nobody actually made it to the club but instead tanner and i spent our night chasing Holly around the courtyard because she wanted to go hot tubing but we tried telling her it was closed. that was fun. haha
Me pretending to steal a drink. haha
            Tannner and I at dinner!                         
Sunday: we set an alarm for 8:30 to pack and get ready to leave cause the buses were leaving at 10. so i wake up to pounding on our door from Cody and Levi and that's when i realized it was 10! so we scrambled to pack everything up and rushed out the door to get checked out and ran to the bus. we almost had to pay for a really expensive taxi ride. haha so we drove another 7 hours back home.
 Tanner and I on the way back home.
Monday: Today, Tanner and I went to breakfast at 10 and headed to the gym to get some conditioning in. apparently the month of April is our month to become beautiful for summer haha everyday from now on tanner and i are going to get up early and eat breakfast and run. I'm not excited at all but i know its for the best to get me in shape. haha tonight we have our new member meeting to learn more Gamma Phi history and then after we are preffing for moms! I'm scared.. :/ after that we have informal chapter and then pledge pinning where we have to wear informal whites? also makes me very nervous. lol then after that i have to do some study table hours and then go to tanners to do our gen ed quiz. i don't like being so busy all the time!

DAY FIFTY-ONE: Describe your future wedding.
My wedding is going to be perfect. I don't want to settle for anything less then what I want. I know that sounds a little stuck up but I only get this day once and its always going to be a day that i remember for the rest of my life. I don't know any of the details of what I want my wedding to look like because I want to be able to choose these things with my husband. :)

DAY FIFTY-TWO: What is the most inspirational thing you have ever heard?
Ive heard a lot of inspirational stuff but I the words Believe and Dream mean the most to me. Everyone should have a goal in life and believe in themselves to make their dreams come true. I think anything can be made possible with the help of some goals and dreams. :)

DAY FIFTY-THREE: Your day in great detail.
Fortunately I just described four days in detail.

40 more days till school is over!

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