Monday, March 28, 2011

Disneyland Dilemma

Dilemma: (n.) State of uncertainty or perplexity especially as requiring a choice between equally unfavorable options.

This is exactly my problem. I want to go on this paid internship to Disneyland but there are so many reason why I shouldn't. The program would start in August so instead of taking fall quarter I would be working in Disneyland but one issue is that I only have until MARCH 31 to decide if I want to accept the program or not! thats only 3 days away!! and I owe about 800 for first time fees and all that when i accept. but also, I owe about 800 on APRIL 1 if I want to live in the GPhi house next year! so either way I will be paying 800 dollars in the next 3-4 days.
Im going to make a Pros and Cons list for disneyland. maybe it will help.

- This is would be the perfect job for me and I don't want to pass up the opportunity.
- I can decilne the offer but i would still be in the system so I could take the job at a later date. I think. lol they said something about it at the recruitment meeting thing. I would just need to make a call to check on that.
- I can get 3 people into the parks at one time for free so tanner, friends and family could come visit.
- I would be in California!
-This is one of the top things I can add to my resume and the whole internship is about networking with huge companies.
- I get paid about 10 dollars an hour.
- I get to meet new people from all over the world.
- I wouldnt be paying a ton of money to live in the Gphi house, or to go to the fall semseter of WSU.
- I can ride rides before i start working every day if i wanted..
- They said that the time spent in california will go by faster than anything you have experienced. which i think is true.

- I would be away from Tanner, friends and family for about 6 months. which i don't think I'm ready to do even though they can come visit.
- Friends can come visit, but they have to pay for a flight there and back, and a hotel cause they aren't allowed to stay with me.  
- I should be living in the GPhi house next year cause not many juniors live in so I would only get to live in for like a semester.
- Im already behind in credits so I would be in college for 5 years most likely unless i spent all my summers in summer sessions.
- I'm already behind in Gamma Phi Beta stuff because I'm a new member and I haven't even made close friends yet and this is just going to set me back.
- money is due in three days and its a lot of money. lol
- Even though time goes by fast with me working there, i would not only be in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, (which is already a nightmare.) I would be in a long distance relationship with my friends and family. I am with tanner every day. I cant even begin to imagine being without him for 6 months. Im not as strong as jade and all the others that have had to go through this. I just don't think i could handle it. I mean I'm sure ill get over it once im there but its going to make my time there harder when all i want to do is go back home. Tanner wants me to go, but he feels the same way I do because he doesn't want me to leave..

So should i risk missing out on a huge opportunity and stay in school and the GPhi house with family and friends, or put all that aside for a few months and take a great offer?


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