Sunday, March 6, 2011

You never thought I'd get this far, would get this far without you

today has been very relaxing but i have so much to do today.. i have to go to the sorority for study tables at 6 with chelsea! then i have a floor meeting at 8:30 that is mandatory.. i have two essays to start, some other homework thats due tuesday and i want to clean a little and get organized. i hate being stressed and today is the beginning of GREEK WEEK. which i currently know nothing about. haha then tomorrow i have english where i will turn in one of my essays, then i have my new member meeting at 4:15, dinner at the house at 5, chapter at 6 then something for greek week im guessing.
DAY THIRTY-ONE: A bit about your social life outside of blogspot.

my whole blogspot is basically shaped around my social life. haha i talk about anything that happens during my day, on a daily basis. so there isnt much to say to answer this question. i have a great family, great friends, and an amazing boyfriend. what more could i ask for? :)

i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! :)

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