Friday, March 18, 2011

Thats when you're the prettiest

So yesterday I took Tay to lunch! i love her. we met tanner too so that was fun. haha then i picked up jade and we came to SEATTLE! we hung out at ashleys and then went to the spa. ashleys friend let us in foir free. it was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. lol in the spa there was a Parilka, which is a big concrete and brick room that is basically a 250 degree oven. its dry heat so it just makes you sweat. then you jump into a 40 degree cold bath and youre instantly numb. but i loved it haha then you get in the salt water bath and it tingles and takes the toxins out of your body. then you go into the 113 degree steam room and sweat some more then go back into the cold bath, then the salt water then the hot tub. after all that you go to the tea room and relax and sip hot tea and lemon water. then you repeat everything all over and over again. we spent 3 and a half hours there. i could do that every day.

thank you ashley for taking us to the spa! :)

ALSO! something amazing that happened to me yesterday! I GOT ACCEPTED FOR THE DISNEYLAND COLLEGE PROGRAM IN AUGUST! :)

DAY FORTY-TWO: Your best friend just died, what is your reaction.

is this really a question? lol i would be completely devastated. This is an awful question! i dont think anyone would be able to answer this positively.

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