Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baby you aint seen nothin yet

today i dont have much to blog about. i have a TON of studying to do and a lot of things i need to finish! but i can tell you one thing,

 i CANT wait for summer. its going to be amazing! monday at chapter i found out that sometime in july we are going to one of the girls houses in Widby Island to spend some time together with eachother! and we are ordering tank tops and zip-up jackets! :) im just so very excited for summer. i dont think anyone really understands how ready i am. i want to be tan and wear my swim suit everywhere i go!

DAY TWENTY-EIGHT: Something that makes you angry.

at the current moment, snow makes me very angry. lol im so ready for summer and it just wont go away! but today is a very wonderful day and the sun is shining so im pretty happy with that. :)

how cute is this? :)

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