Monday, February 28, 2011

You hear the door slam, and realize there's nowhere left to run

All last night i was up studying for my test today. I am exhausted and i dont even know how i did on the test. i felt like i knew most of it but at the same time i feel like i did a lot of guessing.. ugh. im stressed. i really need to pass this test.
but on a positive note, ONLY 12 DAYS TI:LL IM OFFICAILLY ON SPRING BREAK. :) technically i will be done with classes on friday so its like 11 and 1/2. :)
also another positive note, i had a wonderful breakfast. i had the most delishious blueberry muffin, a banana, chocolate milk, and some strawberry yogurt with raspberries in it. o man. that made my day. haha

anyways... the rest of my night is going to be super busy.. i have class at 3 to 4, then i have to go home and change into my formal clothes and be at the Gamma Phi house by 4:15 for my new member meeting, dinner at 5, chapter at 6, gym at like 7:30 for an hour or two. at least being busy makes time go by a little faster. :) plus im excited to eat at the house tonight for dinner because they always have good food and its an actual meal. haha

DAY TWENTY-FIVE: A friend you have lost that you are better off without/one you wish you had back.

Well this question is oddly specific.. and i dont really plan on answering it. i feel like its a negative question and anyone who knows my situation, they know who the person is who i wish i still had as a friend but also know im better off without. I will say one thing about this though.. i wish it didnt have to end the way it did because i liked having this person as a friend, and im sorry that they chose to end our friendship the way they did.

Today, this made me happy. :)

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