Friday, February 4, 2011

I like my beats fast and my bass down low

So today has been pretty uneventful. I had a test for History of Rock & Roll and i thought i was going to do way worse then i did and it ended up being pretty easy! tonight should be very fun if everything goes the way its supposed to!

So today I found a 365 day blog challenge so I decided that it would help me blog every day. The questions on this challenge actually make me think about the answers and thats why i chose to do it. My best friend Jade is doing it with me but on her blog on livejournal!

DAY ONE: Hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days with a picture of me.

Hmm.. there is so much that i could say for this question. 365 days is a long time to think into the future but i do have some general plans and dreams that i could list out. For the rest of this sememster i am focusing on school. I hope to get all A's in my classes and thats what im working toward. It may not happen but im trying my hardest. :) other plans i have are to get a job during summer, maybe go on vacation, and most importantly, i have some big decisions to make before the end of this semester.. joining a sorority is one, deciding on a major is another, and possibly finding a place to live next year when im a sophomore. One thing i know for sure though, is i will be happy no matter what im doing a year from now. :)
Also i would just like to add that there is only 10 days till Valentines Day! and only 16 days till Tanners Birthday! :)
Have a wonderful day!

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