Thursday, February 10, 2011

It makes me smile, yeah it makes me smile

I have some exciting news to share so i thought i would blog about it!
firstly, i had my phone interview for the disney college program! i will know in 3 to 6 weeks if i will be working for disneyland! :)
My other important news is that i got a bid for Gamma Phi Beta!! I was doing some homework and someone knocked on my door and a bunch of the girls from the house started singing their song to me and handed me two cards, a pink carnation, and 3 balloons! it was so cute! but then they informed me that they went to another erin's door and sang to her and then after she was like ummm... i think you have the wrong erin. ahaha thats so funny! but i think im going to accept my bid! :)

just thought i would share the happiness of my day with everyone!

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