Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So come on and fly with me, as we make our great escape

So we made it back to Pullman! I finally got to the rec and ran! i tried racing tanner around the track one time as fast as we could run.. never again will i challenge him. haha he started out just jogging and i said i thought you were gunna sprint! so he did. and i tried to run as fast as my legs would let me but he still beat me pretty bad. haha but we came home to make peanut butter and tanners grandmas homemade jelly sandwhiches. :) she is the best cook/baker in the world. haha i think we girls get old they acquire the skill to make the worlds best cookies. thats just my theory though. :) anywho, tomorrow is ashleys birthday! and today is Josh's birthday! well i think its time for me to go to bed!

DAY EIGHTEEN: Why you made your blog and still have it.

This one is easy. I made my blog because I like writing about my day even if its super boring. I always feel like i want to tell someone about my day but it seems insignificant to tell people who probably wont care. haha so this way even if nobody reads my blog, i still feel like i told someone. :) i still have my blog because jade and i are doing this 365 day challenge and i plan to stick to it even when i miss some days. i also have my blog because I like following my friends cause i get to see how their day went :)

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