Thursday, February 24, 2011

And I don't mind, having that someone around

This morning, i woke up and went to breakfast with tanner and we met bob and cody there. then tanner insisted that cody drive me home cause it was snowing which i was secretly very thankful for. haha then i showered and got ready for class then came back home and ate and went to my other class and we got out early in both classes so my day has been pretty easy. :) im glad its going by somewhat quick cause im excited for tomorrow!! english class at 3 which i havent been to in a week cause of presidents day and then my teacher was sick wednesday, and then at 4 cody becca tanner and i are going to moscow to pick out date dash shirts! then we are going to the date dash! im sooooo excited!!
right now im going to go find a healthy snack and then hit the rec! :) o ya.

DAY TWENTY-ONE: Everything you wish for in a significant other.

nobody is perfect but my significant other must be loyal. trustworthy. funny. smart. preferably handsome, and athletic. someone that cares about me. :)

So today I decided that along with my blog challenge im going to try to post something that makes me happy or makes me laugh, as often as i can which should be every day unless im super busy or something haha so todays happy thought is this picture that Ellen tweeted about. It makes me laugh every time i read it.

Ellens caption for it says, "Some offices are so strict."

=] i hope that makes everyone smile!

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