Monday, February 21, 2011

We’re young and we’re bored. This place about to blow.

I know, i know, i missed two days. but i was super busy and having fun! haha friday we came home and i hung out with my parents and sister and nieces. I love coming home to family and relaxing.
Then saturday, I drove rachel and jade to tri cities so we could shop for a present for tanner and even though i didnt get him anything there i got two new really cute shirts! :) and then we met jenny at olive garden and had lunch. we all had the unlimited soup and salad deal. i love olive garden but i hate it because i always eat soooo much food. we all got dessert and tried eating it on the way home but it was so hard to fit in my stomach. haha and then rachel fell asleep cause she couldnt handle all the food she ate. haha but after we got back into town i went to tanners his birthday dinner with his moms side of the family. i love his family so much! then after that i went home and got ready to go to jordans house to celebrate tanners birthday some more even though it wasnt until sunday. haha
Then sunday, it was actually tanners birthday! so i bought him a shake weight and this other work out thing but i dont think he can use the other work out thing so i have another package on the way for him. :) so at 3 we celebrated trevins 3rd birthday with tanners dads side of the family. we all talked about how fast a whole year has already gone by. it didnt seem that long ago that we were all in that same house celebrating trevins 2nd birthday. i cant even believe how fast time has gone by. now trevin is talking and we can play football with him. :) hes sooo cute and so are tanners new twin sisters! they are getting so big! after the party we went back to my house to eat salmon with my family and i spent some time with them and then went to tanners and hung out with taylor and nick. :) and now its monday.
ugh. i hate driving back to pullman. i wish i could just snap my fingers to get me anywhere i need to go. i seriously cant believe im almost done with my freshman year of college.. only 3 months left.. that is so crazy to me.. tanner and i just stopped at his grandma and grandpas house and they gave us cookies and we talked about how fast this year is going by. i love his grandparents. they are the nicest people ever. haha

DAY SIXTEEN: Someone you trust.

There are only a few people i trust but they are the people that mean the most to me.
Tanner, my family, jade and rachel. I can tell them anything. :)

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