Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekends, are for the warriors

Well last night completely sucked. lol thats all im gunna say. This morning i woke up feeling super crappy and i thought it would be gone by the middle of the day but its still here. lol so i didnt go out tonight even though i was supposed to meet my pledge buddy of the week. :( so i thought i could stay home and relax and play games on my playstation but i cant get it to work with my tv! so im going over to tanners to play while he gets to go out. lol i know. its lame to play playstation but i dont care. lol so pretty much today sucked also. but rachel found this website!
basically its a volunteer project in south africa to work with people or animals and help. you can pick your own project and most of the trips last anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. and the best part is that they are super cheap for flying and staying in africa. this is one of my top items on my bucket list so i got pretty excited when rachel showed me this. i dont have the money this year but for sure next summer i am making this a priority. :)

DAY TWENTY-THREE: A month/year when you were the happiest and why.
I would have to say senior year was pretty good to me. even though we had a lot to worry about and get done, it was still one of the best years of my life. also, i loved my third grade year. i didnt have to worry about anything at all and i could still enjoy being a kid. but ultimately i think this semester here at wsu has been the time where im the happiest. everything is going good for me and im loving life where im at right now. :)

So most of my happy pictures are going to be from Ellen because she is so funny and i love her show so much. haha the caption for this picture says:
"This store really likes to pamper their criminals."
:) also something i happened to find today,

its a "like" stamp!! if i had this i would stamp EVERYTHING!
probably even people. :)

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