Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I can be your super hero baby, one that's gunna save you if your in danger

So far today hasnt really consisted of much. I got up, got breakfast with tanner, then caught up with my shows, walked through the blizzardy snow to my english class to find out that our class was canceled cause my teacher was sick.. so i walked all the way back home and ate and all that.. at about 7ish im gunna go to the gym and run a little, maybe do some abs.. thats about it. lol
BUT! i am very excited for the weeks and weekends to come! this weekend i have another date dash with sigma nu! thankfully becca is going this time with cody! so friday during the day becca cody tanner and i are going to moscow to find shirts for the date dash and do some shopping together! then saturday we have a beauty and the geeks exchange which should be fun and after that.. some bouncin around. :) next week though tanner and i are going to spokane to get our extended liscenses so we can go to canada for sigma nu's white rose formal!! :)

DAY TWENTY: What you think makes someone beautiful.

I think being genuine makes someone beautiful. Someone who doesnt fake being nice and someone who actually cares about other people.


  1. Spokane? Does that mean you will be visitng me!

  2. possibly but we are on a strict time limit so we can get back to class on time. haha ill let you know!