Friday, February 25, 2011

This is the life, hold on tight. And this is the dream, it's all i need

Last night i looked at my emails and my english teacher emailed us and said that we arent having class again because apparently he hurt his back and is having a hard time moving around.. he said he will be better by monday, but its awesome that we havent had english for a full week. :) i dont mean that its awesome that his back is hurt and i feel really bad cause i know that can be extremely painful but i do like not having class. :) and not having class means we can leave an hour earlier to moscow to find shirts. im stressing a little that we arent going to find something in time for the dance but if worst comes to worst, we will just make our own! :)
so this morning i got up at 9:30 to go to the gym. i was there for about 2 hours running, walking on the track, and doing ab circuts with tanner and matt. ouch. bad idea. lol i feel like my insides are sliding down to my toes.. lol gross i know. now im gunna go get some breakfast and shower and get ready to go to moscow!

DAY TWENTY-TWO: How you judge intellegence.

Basically if you have it you have it, if you dont, then you dont. lol Its not hard to see when someone has intellegence and common sense. I dislike when girls pretend to be dumb cause they think its cute. that is extremely annoying to me. i think i mostly judge intellegence when i have a conversation with someone. usually you can tell if they can hold a conversation. lol this question is kind of weird to me because i believe that its not really very hard to tell when someone has smarts and when someone does. haha

today my happy picture is also from ellen. the caption for this one says,
"Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't watching you."

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