Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Simple things that make you run away, catch you if i can

Today I have felt very accomplished. :)
I had a good morning, went to my english class which i love, signed up for my phone interview for the disney college program, got caught up on the biggest loser and went to my COB event for gamma phi beta and now im doing some homework and reading a book that we have a test over tomorrow.
Tomorrow i have my phone interview at 6:00 pm and im super excited! even though it takes a few weeks for them to get back to me about if i was accepted or not, im still excited to have my interview. it takes about 20-30 minutes so its pretty serious. this job would be my dream job. words cannot describe how excited i will be if i get accepted!
My COB event went well. we made valentines day cards and ate valentines day candy. haha im nervous. its just one step closer to making a decision.

Im so excited for Valentines Day! i get to spend it with my honey! :) we are going to eat at Fireside Grille. I chose there because I know they have 1 pound of crab for $20 and i have a coupon thats buy one get one free for equal or lesser value so we are definitely getting 2 pounds of crab for $20! ahah tanner thinks im weird for getting so excited about any food i eat but i just like eating. :)

Then on the 20th is Tanners birthday! i still have to buy his present, which i dont know what it is yet... lol but thats exciting and then its Ashleys birthday on the 22nd and i know what im sending her! :)

DAY SIX: Something you would like to change about yourself.

There are multiple physical aspects i would like to change but i try not to list them out. haha i would like to be more aggressive when there are things that i want and i want more motivation and i wish i wasnt so self concious. But dont get me wrong, i love who i am and i really wouldnt want to change anything about myself. :)

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  1. Good luck tomorrow!!! I know you will do great! Love you