Monday, February 14, 2011

you say we're just a frat

Today is so wonderful and i havent even gone to dinner with my boyfriend yet! we had our first chapter meeting and formal dinner! omg dinner was soooo yummy. we had like stuffed chicken. i dont even know exactly what was in it but it was so delicious. we talked about so many exciting things during chapter and i cant wait!! i got my first pledge buddy! its miesha! a pledge buddy is someone i get for like a week to hang out with so i can get a mom and be her dot. :) today is great! at the end of chapter the FIJI boys came into our house and serenaded us and sang "you say we're just a frat, gamma phi, you got what i need!" idk if anyone will catch on to what song that was just by me writing it but it was super cute! :) now at 9 im going to my real dinner and stuffing my face :) woo!

also another plus, tanner's fraternity, sigma nu, got there house back so next year we will be neighbors! :)

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