Sunday, February 27, 2011

If you're listen right, then the lesson in life's not playin the role of the let down

I have done absolutely nothing today. i got up and went to breakfast with tanner and cody at like 1. haha and literally all day tanner and i watched tv. so not much to blog about today but im really starting to hate this snow. its snowing. again. my mom texted me and said pullman is supposed to get another 3-5 inches just tonight. i really hate scraping snow and ice off my car every hour just to drive it down the road. not to mention it really sucks walking in all the snow and ice everywhere i go. im ready for winter to be over already.

DAY TWENTY-FOUR: Your favorite 10 people right now and why

These people are in no significant order.

Mom - My mom is one of my favorite people because she does everything for me and is always there for me. she always knows how to make me feel better when im down and she always makes sure im safe. i also love how goofy my mom is. shes awesome. :)

Dad - Even though we dont always see eye-to-eye, he is always there for me whenever i need him. he makes sure im doing good and fully supplied with contacts. :) i love how easy going my dad can be. he likes to "air drum" and that makes me laugh :)

Danielle - My sister is very important to me because she can relate to me. I love all the laughs we have and all of our iphone game apps we have discovered to play with eachother. I love my big sister and her family. my nieces mean the world to me and i love when i get to see them because they are growing up so fast. :)

Tanner Lowry - Tanner is important to me because he has helped me figure myself out. even if he doesnt know it, i appreciate him loving me for who i am. :) we can be ourselves around each other and i love our inside jokes and stories we share. he means the world to me.

Jade Raymond - Jade is one of my best friends. she is always there to listen to my stories. she has been my best friend since about 6th or 7th grade. we are so much alike and i love her. :) we have so many crazy times together!

Rachel Hofstetter - We are going on 11 years of being best friends. not many people can say that. even though she still thinks my birthday is july 4th, (when really its june 9th) i love this girl and she has been there for me through everything. whenever i need advice or just someone to talk to i turn to rachel. i love how silly we are together and even though we really are nothing alike, we get along so well. :) shes my little travel buddy. we like traveling together or at least imagining it. :)

Taylor Lowry - Taylor is my non-biological sister. :) I love our talks we have and our adventures we have had together. :) i know she is always someone i can call if i want to see a movie or just hang out with. ive never had a little sister but taylor is pretty much my little sister. :)

Tina Holm - Tina is my other mom. I can talk to her about anything. shes so fun and she likes to laugh so if i ever have something funny to say i make sure to tell tina cause i know she will laugh. :) haha she is great!

Ashley Durbin - Ashley has also been my best friend since 2nd grade. through the years though we had lost contact but we have always remained best friends. ashley is so funny and i love when i get to see her! we have always shared our dreams and goals with eachother. when we were younger i told her that i was going to be her manager if she introduced me to the jonas brothers. i still hold her to that even to this day :) i love ashley!

Ellen DeGeneres - Even though i dont know Ellen personally, she inspires me every day. when i need a laugh i know i can rely on ellen to make me smile. just reading her tweets makes my day better. :) i think the only people who understand how much i like ellen are tanner (cause he watches it with me :)) and my mom and sister who i also watch it with.

All of these people already know why they are my favorite people in the world :) obviously ellen doesnt know but the rest do. haha i am so thankful for everyone on that list. my life would not be the same without them. :)

Todays picture caption says, "I think he may have a package."
this cracks me up :)

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