Thursday, February 17, 2011

Simple things, that make you run away, catch you if I can

This morning, I woke up feeling like crap. My neck and throat and ears are all sore and I have no reason why. I also have a mysterious breakout of some sort on my cheek which I also dont understand. Thankful I am going home tomorrow to rest and get healthy. This sunday is tanners birthday and i still havent got him a gift but i know what im getting him. I think on saturday Im going to tri cities if i can get jade or rachel or both to go with me and possibly eat some olive garden. haha o man i hate being sick and feeling like this. I dont have motivation to do anything but i have assignments i need to finish before class. which im going to do right after i get done blogging. :)

DAY FOURTEEN: Write about something you believe in, anything at all.

I believe in a think called love. :) haha i also believe in karma, i believe we all have a purpose in life whether its big or small, and i believe in myself. not as much as i should but im working on it and i think thats why im here at college, to help me figure it out.  I believe in love because anyone that has it can't not be happy. in my eyes, love is a huge part of life. For the majority of my life, i will be married so I want someone I can spend my life with and still be able to tell them i love them everyday and the other way around. I have a wonderful family that loves me and i couldnt ask for better. That is why I believe in love. I believe in karma only because there hasnt really been a time when something or someone hasnt been affected by their actions. good or bad in any situation. :)

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