Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm walkin on sunshine

Today has been much better than yesterday :) My morning started off great, I went to my classes, learned lots, and caught up on Genuine Ken and The Bachelor! and went to a Disney College Program meeting! And at 9 im going to watch tanners basketball game! GO SIGMA NU! haha The Disney College Program is a paid internship for college kids to work at Disneyland or Disneyworld for about 5 months! I applied last semester but all the spots were filled for Disneyland. :( so Im applying again for next semester! I love going to the meeting because the speaker plays a short clip about the whole Disney company and it makes me so excited to think I could be part of it! so wish me lots of luck! :)

Im excited for tomorrow because I have another COB event for Gamma Phi Beta and we are making valentines day cards and eating candy! yummy right? haha its one of the last events so i have to make a decision soon which is super scary. I just want to make the right choice! also tomorrow, i have an extra credit movie to watch for my history of rock and roll class which is awesome cause that means good grades! :)

DAY FIVE: Something you would change about the world.

If I could change the world, i would add things to it. Like trees and plants. and money. anything green i would add haha but seriously, the world could use more plants. I guess this is coming from a girl who lives in moses lake and goes to school in pullman and hardly ever sees trees anymore.. i do see a lot of wheat now though... =P I would also add more money because being broke sucks and the price of things are inflating making it hard for us to live. If i could take things away from the planet, i would take away food that isnt healthy and spread healthy food to places that dont have enough of it. :) One last thing that i wish i could get rid of is all the hate and unrespectfulness (idk if thats a word. lol) either way there is way too much of it.

well im off to the basketball game! have a good night everyone! =]

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