Monday, February 7, 2011

She had an earthquake on her mind

PACKERS WON! :) what a good game! im very proud of greenbay and Aaron Rodgers! haha

Tonight i went over to Jakes house to visit Jade and Jake and everyone else there. We made homemade popcorn on the stove and it was awesome! Except we ended up with way more popcorn then we put in kernals.. which is still a mystery to us. haha then we went to walmart and looked at the valentines day stuff and bought some candy. :) im glad i got to see my best friend before i leave back to pullman in the morning! ehh. not excited to wake up early and drive for 2 and a half hours..

Todays question
DAY THREE: What do you think your reason for being here is?

Truthfully, im still trying to figure this question out. i like to think i was put here to do good and change something in the world, even if its small and insignificant. i know i could write a lot more because this question is so deep but like i said, im still learning what the exact reasons are. all i know for sure is that i love where i am now and im very thankful for this life i have and the people that have been brought into my life.

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