Sunday, February 6, 2011

anything you want I can get it for ya

I can't believe I already forgot to blog for day two of my 365 day challenge. BUT in my defense, I had a lot going on yesterday. I drove home to Moses Lake and had a blast with my family! My sister and family came over and we had lots of laughs. My dad thinks hes a hardcore rocker when he puts his headphones in and he drums and only sings the parts he knows (which isn't much..) so we video taped him and threatened to put it on youtube. Then I watched ELLEN all night with my mom. :)

Ok so to make up for yesterday,
DAY TWO: Something thats illegal that you think should be legal

For this question i have two answers. Music downloading and J-Walking.
First of all J-Walking should be legal just because if you do it, youre the one choosing your own safety. If you get hit its your own fault. hahaha
I know most people wouldnt agree that music downloading should be legal but i think it should be because everyone does it anyway and with all the ipods and mp3 players being made, nobody has thousands of dollars to spend on songs just to listen to them. I dont know how to fix the problem but its one thing i think should be legal. :)

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