Monday, February 7, 2011

Somebody give me sign, that everything's going as planned

Well today has been a pretty bad day. lol it started bad and nothing has really gone right since then. Like i actually was looking forward to english class. i dont even like english!and we had an essay due! so when i got there my usually perky teacher was in the worst mood cause apparently in his last class he was evaluated and it put him in a terrible mood so class sucked. but two things have gone right today, 1. i got a wonderful coffee and muffin from my mom before i started my journey back to pullman and 2. pretty little liars was on tonight so that was exciting. lol
on top of all of this, ive been having weird dreams that involve some people i dont want to see in my dreams.. lol i wish i knew what they meant!
so tonight im going to follow my best friends advice and eat some ice cream, cuddle, and watch a movie. right after my online quiz for gen ed. lol

Todays Question
DAY FOUR: How do you think your life would change if you achieved your dream?

If i achieve my dreams, my life will be perfect. im not really working on any big plans towards my dream right now though so i would imagine it would change drastically. :)

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