Sunday, February 13, 2011

No Regrets, Just Love

Today has been pretty awesome! Last night was so much fun! I went on a date dash with tanner and we had the best shirts :) then today we just hung out and watched tv together and ate food. haha then i went to his basketball game and now im going to start my homework! im so excited for tomorrow cause its VALENTINES DAY!! :) I cant wait to go to dinner with my bf! haha
Heres some pictures from the date dash last night! The back of our shirts said "No Regrests, Just Love. Sigma Nu Date Dash 2011". On YouTube, this kid sings "Teenage Dream" and that was the theme of the date dash since it had a little bit to do with Valentines day haha

DAY TEN: What you think when you hear the words "Be Yourself"

"Be yourself" means exactly what it says. haha in other words it just means that you should always do what you think is right, be your own person, dont follow others, and think the way you want to. Never let anyone tell you your ways of thinking are wrong, and never give in to peer pressure. Nobody can ever be happy if they are trying to live there life like someone else. In my opinion I think being happy is the most important part of life and being yourself can only help you reach your own happiness. :)

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