Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let's Go!

Its Superbowl Sunday!! :)

It seems like even if you dont watch football or like football you still will always pick a side when it comes time for the superbowl. This year my mom and sister are choosing which team they want to win based on which team has a cuter quarterback. fortunately the aaron rodgers has ben beat. :) not that either one is actually attractive... haha
another reason why we want the packers to win is because the stealers beat the seahawks in 2006 by cheating and since then i have no respect for them. haha so hopefully the packers cream the stealers! =D
also i am excited to see the commercials this year!
I made cupcakes for the game. =] we ate the stealer cupcakes just like the packers are going to eat the stealers right now!

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